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March 13, 2002

Kitchen Before Pictures

We bought the house in March of 2002. Here is an original picture from before we lived even closed on the house:

This is the way the room spans...
This is the front of the kitchen with the two windows, which face west:

This is the side of the house with one window. We are going to place our sink under the window, unlike where it is now. Also these are the original cabinets:

This door leads to the wash room that has the side door in it. Orginally this was the back door here that lead perhaps onto a porch, but they have since added on the exsiting wash room. The exterior wood still is there in the wash room.

So thats what the kitchen looked like before we even touched it.


A Little Progress

We have gotten all the sheetrock off the walls. Tore out the door & window frames, put up insulation in half the 'one window' wall. Covered that insulation with sheetrock. The reason we have only done the lower half of the wall is $$. We want to get the cabinets built & installed & that used up all our $$. So friday when we get paid we will buy the remaining sheetrock & insultaion to finish the room. The top cabinets will come at a later date due to finaces hehe.

We also hung our chandelier in the is an 8 light so it will provide good light for Brian to see better with all those late nights hehe.

Well today Brian is building the cabinets or working on building them. I will be "floating" the sheetrock later today.

It was nasty under those kitchen cabinets. The apprasial of the house said there were NO signs of rodent infestation. They must have been blind LOL. We knew it was before we bought it. There were TUNNELS in the cabients from where rats (and I do mean BIG rats) scratched & ate there way through. When we tore down the old sheetrock we found they had even ate at that blackboard stuff. AND btw the walls have no exsiting isultaion beside the black board. Back to what was under those cabinets...well there was about 3 to 4 inches of rat nests & between each stud in the wall & under all the cabinets! No wonder why the place smelled so horriable! When we got it all cleaned out & aired out it has begun to smell much better. There is a small leak where the sink plumbing is but Brian said its easy to fix...but due to it not EVER being fixed it attracted the rats to live under there in this moist enviroment so you can image how awful a smell it was. We are so glad we are taking each room & throughly cleaning it & replacing the old so that the house can last another several yrs. It was built in 1965 according to the apprasial.

Here are some pics of the progress:

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