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December 2002 Archives


December 20, 2002

Front of Cabinets Finally Finished

Between a death in the family and then me getting pregnant we didnt get much work done on the kitchen. But things started picking back up in Dec.
Here is the cabinet facings finally stained and finished. Hadnt installed the hardware to it yet.

And here is a closer look at the cabinets:

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December 26, 2002

Kitchen Details...

Well yesterday Brian was home from work b/c of the holiday. I felt ok so we worked on the cabinets. Got a lot accomplished. Brian build a drawer to put my silverware, & we put on 2 other doors to the cabinet. Now all we have to do to finish this section of cabinets is 4 little drawer facings & build the drawers themselevs. Add the knobs/handles & we will be finished with that section. I finally figured out my trim color for the kitchen. It will be Ralph Lauren's Goldfinch. Its a yellow color. I am going to use a lighter yellow on the walls, but the yellow I have picked out isnt going to work, a hint of green in it which i do not like. I want my yellows to be warm yellows not cool yellows. =)
Anyway by the end of the day though my throat was sore. I figured I must be coming down with Dainen's cold & sure enough this morning I wake up & its worse. So now I have a cold *blah*.
I did get my baby bedding in first thing this morning. That was nice, Im happy to get it in, just wish I had a baby room to set it up in! LOL. Although Brian is supposed to be building with in April. So far we have some family coming to help us. There is Brian's dad, brother & now my brother is trying to come so he can help. That will be really nice if they can give Brian a hand. I sure wont be able to! Ill be 8 months pregnant LOL!

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December 27, 2002

Doors & Hardware

Well I guess I should have posted a few photos of what we did yesterday, which was adding the hardware & installed the other doors:

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December 30, 2002

Well just getting over this

Well just getting over this cold all three of us came down with. We are pretty much over the icky feeling, just have a lot of congestion left. This morning I had acup of coffee (hadnt had one in AGES, been drinking hot tea instead). Dainen woke at 9:45 this morning. That was VERY late for him to sleep in & he didnt even go to bed real late. He did wake this morning saying ~ 'i don feel good' poor baby!
Sunday we felt ok enough to go to meeting. We ended up staying long afterwards & were one of the last ones to leave. Then a couple invited us to go out to eat with them so we did. We really enjoyed it minus the 3 yr old that DIDNT want to be there. It was nice though to get to know them some more. =) We would really like to get to know them. They are a really sweet couple. Well after that we went to Home Depot. We bought a knob for my drawer, some Ralph Lauren paint for our trimwork which the color is Goldfinch. Here is a picture of it:

We also bought some wood scroll pieces for the window. Its going to look so neat! Cant wait to get it finished. =)
Well thats about all for now. Oh Brian is off work tomorrow & wednesday. YEAH!!

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