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January 2003 Archives


January 2, 2003

Ok to catch up. Tuesday

Ok to catch up. Tuesday Brian was off of work. He was a bit cranky though, probably because he wasnt feeling his best. Didnt do a whole lot except Brian glued our decorations to the window trim & I painted the window trim which is over the sink. We used a pure white semi-gloss for the trim in the kitchen. The yellow I got for the kitchen seems to be to much for Brian to handle so I am going to have to get a lighter color to paint the walls. Tuesday we went to home depot & picked some things for the kitchen. We also were able to bring home a sample board of some flooring we are looking at. We decided to go with wood floors in the kitchen, both tile & wood have its pros & cons, but I think we will stick with what we originally planned & go hardwood. Its a real wood flooring product that all you do is hammer together & the hammering action activates the glue ~ talk about cuts some work out! They are really nice looking. We looked at the laminate wood floors & they just DO NOT compare to the real thing for us. Here is a pic of what we want to go with.

The we got dressed & headed to meeting but I got sick so Brian turned around & dropped me back off at the house & they went on to meeting. Brian was still crankly when he got home, not a fun evening. But Wednesday he was in a much better mood! I was very happy about that! An odd event happened yesterday. Brian was outside trying to get his truck to start so he could back it up to the house & use it to get on a roof that had to be repaired. It wasnt starting but as we were outside a pot bellied pig just strolled up our driveway! I told Brian, 'You know you live in the country WHEN a pig comes into your driveway!' Well we contained it so that we could find its owner. I say that causually but it was a LOT of work to contain that pig! ANyway we finally did & drove down another road off of ours to see if anyone owned it. Finally found the owners tho they werent home but thier neighbors told us it sounded like the lady's pig. So we call her & she comes & picks up the pig. Then once thats all done & said, we hadnt eaten all day, & it was past 2pm. So we made an omelet, bacon & biscuits. Brian made the omelet & it was delish! Then Brian got on the roof & repaired it & I had finished painting the window trim, which turned out really nice! We went shopping that evening & when at the checkout Brian forgot to look under Dainen's blanket to see if any groceries slipped under it, something I check for every time but I was hunting down chili powder at the last second, and so anyway we get our groc & go to the car & as Brian is putting the bags in the trunk he discovers a lone hot dog package. So we look at the receipt to see if it had just fallen out of the bag but nope, so Brian takes it back into the store to pay for them. He walks up to her & tells her what happened & she is like 'well if the buzzers didnt go off then you paid for them', but Brian was like, 'no i dont think so since we couldnt find it on the receipt' so she checked & sure enough it was not on there. She did thank Brian for being honest. =)
Well this morning I woke up with a nightmare & rolled over to see what time it was & it said 5:59. Yet Brian was snoozing away LOL! I said Brian its 6:00, and he woke up & said 'OH I must have fallen back alseep', he was supposed to be up at 5:30 hehe. So I guess its a good thing I woke up! Brian must have been getting used to sleeping in LOL!

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January 3, 2003

Trimming Up the Window

We bought some do-dads from home depot & glued them onto the window. Then we used a semi gloss paint in ultra white ~ we were very pleased with the result. A closer shot of the wooden scroll pieces:

The overall look, this is my favorite window in the house too:

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