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April 2004 Archives


April 20, 2004

Sometimes its the little things

Sometimes its the little things in life which can brighten your day. Like winning an auction for an old kitchen sifter. hehe. Im trying to build a collection of kicthen antiques, so to start my collection I just bought for 4.00 (what a deal when I have seen worse condition going for 20.00 & up) this antique flour sifter:

It has no holes, tears or rust in the wire. Its a bit dirty judging from the picture but I plan on giving it some TLC.
By the way I am feeling a bit better, still have something hanging on me but at least the achy part went away. Now I just have a really stuffy nose, tiredness, ect. My ears keep popping too.

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April 27, 2004

Got My Sifter In

I got my sifter in yesterday. Well its not exactly a flour sifter b/c the mesh is much to large plus its huge itself! I cleaned it up & hung it on the wall in the kitchen. Most likely its a grain or ash sifter which being near the wood stove helps it fit in, in that corner.
Yesterday I won an auction for a brass (used to be silver plated) bread tray from the 1840s-1860 era. I guess I just couldnt pass it up with it being $4.00 & only 7 hrs left, and no bids. Well turns out someone started bidding on it after me so it got up to 10.50. Still that is a great price for an antique of that kind of age. I really didnt think I would win it b/c of the other person trying to outbid me. I love my growing collection! I guess its not stamps, or dolls or even books that I collect now, its just antiques. Well here's a picture of it :

Well Im still very congested with this cold. I wish it would just go away. Im sick of being sick!
I mopped the kitchen & living room yesterday. Boy did they need it! My floors are the last to get shameful!
Oh ya know sometimes it pays to do a survey. Brian did one the other day & they said they would send him a check for a $100.00. Of course Brian went ahead & did the survey not expecting any check at all, but guess what they did! He was very shocked when he got it in the mail. Where are those survey people when you really need a hundred bucks?? =|
We have a lot of quarters, nickels, dimes & pennies adding up fast over here & I decided what I am going to do with it. That's going to get us all dinner after the CA! =)
Oh well better scramble.

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