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May 2004 Archives


May 4, 2004

Kitchen Painted

Saturday & Sunday were painting days. Finally my kitchen now proudly displays its golden hue. Its called Goldfinch from Ralph Lauren. Ill get some pictures soon. Im so happy to have PAINT on my walls now that its about 2 years in the making!
I got my pictures back froom appleprints. They had extremely fast service. My order was processed, printed & shipped the same day. Then with regular mail got here in 3 days. I was highly satisfied with the quality. So I would recommend since I was so pleased with them.
Oh well nothing much other than that really. Our CA is coming up on the 15th & 16th of this month. I cant believe we are already in May! Yikes, that means Kaian will be 1 year this month ~ oh where has the time gone????

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May 7, 2004

Promised Photo

Well here is a photo to give you an idea of the wall color. Thats the old sifter on the left & the door frame on the right.

Anyway took the kids outside already. They had a fun time, Kaian even got into the mud puddle ~ had to hose him down. I cut some roses & some blossoms from our shrub & made a bouquet out of them for my kitchen. I also took some photos of Kaian. I should get a couple up on his journal soon. I would have taken some of Dainen but he explicitly told me not to take any photos of him ~ sheesh, am I that bad?

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May 24, 2004

Started Building

We have started building the guest house. We are working on putting the concrete pads into the ground right now. This weekend we should be actually doing the building of the frame. Brian's dad is coming down to help out. I'll be busy in the kitchen stirring up something for feeding the hungry men. Anyway thats what we have been busy with, not to mention several trips to home depot for supplies. We have to lay 22 down before Saturday. It took us all weekend just to lay 8, now we are really going to have to do some booking to get it done.

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