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June 1, 2004

And the Walls are Up!

Its been a very busy weekend. We have been working on the guest house. My father in law & brother in law were down helping us out. These are the pictures of the progress.

(1) Saturday May 29 - This is the main frame & floor joists of the house.
(2) Saturday May 29 - Brian and his Dad discussing the measurements.
(3) Sunday May 30 - The subfloor laid down.
(4) Sunday May 30 - Brian at work with the skillsaw
(5) Monay May 31 - We were excited to see the first wall go up! This is the back left part of the wall.

(6) Monay May 31 - Here is the back right of the wall.
(7) Monay May 31 - Then my brother, Brian & his Dad a work getting front wall up. The middle is where the front door to the house will be.

(8) Monay May 31 - A storm is brewing.
(9) Monay May 31 - In between the rain storms, another wall goes up.
(10) Monay May 31 - And as you can see this is the the extent of the work we got done on the house in 3 days. A little of the side wall needs building & next weekend we work on the roof if I am not mistaken.

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