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July 6, 2004

Steve our Rooster is Sick

This will be the journal where we enter all our farming information. So far we have 4 chicks, 4 chickens, 2 turkeys, 2 goats, and 5 cats.
Currently our only adult rooster, Steve, is sick. He has been losing a lot of weight, which now he is only skin & bones. He has no energy and has a verocious appetite when we gave him chick feed. So after some consideration as to what he could have, we think its worms. So we went down to the feed store and found something called Pig Swig, which is a dewormer for swine & poultry. We had to make sure his water was taken away last night, and today we start the treatment which goes into the water and is consumed for a few days. Hopefully this will do the trick!

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