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September 2004 Archives


September 1, 2004

Our Chicken Salt

Salt is quite a "peppery" thing loL! She chases the other chicks and keeps the turkeys on thier toes, quite literally. She has some new type of feathers growing around her rumpus. In the picture of her below you can see the different style feathers. She didnt used to have those. She has been getting very fluffy too. She is back to her laying routine, thankfully, as is Cinnamon, our part rhode island red chicken. We have been collecting thier egss and we are now up to 16 in the hatchery.

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Salt and the Young Rooster

Salt has been particularly territorial about her nest which resides in the coop. Today the young rooster found his way into the coop while we were viewing the animals. All of a sudden you hear all this commotion over by the coop so we gaze to see whats going on. Salt had the young rooster by the top of his neck (feathers only) in her beak and was ushering him right out of the coop! Off he flew as she let him go. I could just figuritivly see her swinging her leg at him as if to finalize her "get out!". It was so funny to watch. Needless to say our young rooster, whom we havent really named yet, probably doesn't venture too near her or the coop now!

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September 6, 2004

Crazy Weekend w/ Car Problems

This has been both a busy and exhausting weekend. First on Friday the car gave us trouble so we had to change the fuel filter. Brian had to stop and get groceries, instead of coming to pick me and the kids up to go with him since the car was barely able to make it home. It rained all day Friday and that made me ache SO bad.
My legs felt like I couldn?t walk on them they hurt so badly. Brian's dad was expected in that evening since he was coming down to help Brian with the guest house.
As I was putting away groceries I get a call from a friend of ours saying they were on their way to New Orleans and wanted to stop in and see us Saturday.
So Saturday Brian gets the filter replaced and they start working on the guest house and then our friends arrive. I?m glad they found the place. Good thing the road sign for the street is back up again. They just replaced it recently since for some reason our rd sign disappears often. We had a nice visit and enjoyed seeing them again. As far as the guest house goes they had half the rafters on. Not bad for half a days work. Also Sat a client who was supposed to come on Friday and drop her PC off didn?t come, but called Sat to drop it off. So at one point we had Brian's dad, my brother, and the client who had just pulled in as our friends were departing.
Today Brian and his dad got up bright and early and worked on the guest house. Then after I got up I made breakfast, though I was feeling pretty awful. After awhile my brother came by much later than he was going to, he had accidentally way over slept, he didn?t get up till 1pm hehe. Anyways after awhile I called my mom to see how they faired thru the hurricane. They are currently out of power but my grandmother who lives not to far from them has power so they aren?t sure how long they will be w/o it. Other than that they faired well. OH and something exciting happened while I was talking with my mother on the phone! It was about 6 ish, I was inside looking out the kitchen window when all of a sudden I saw something brown and skinny running into our front yard. At first I thought it was a dog but as it gets closer I realize its a deer and a baby deer at that since it had its spots still! It ran all the way up to our porch area and right under my kitchen window, frantically and then finally found its way into the land across the street. Its HIGHLY bizarre to see a deer running around in the middle of the day, in our front yard! It surely was kewl to see though, I finally saw a fawn and quite clearly too! In the afternoon today Brian had to run out to get some nails for nailing the decking to the roof. He didn?t get very far before the car gave out again. So he turned around and came home. The car would rev up and then down w/o you doing anything. Most of the time it would either sputter along about 10 miles an hr, or just plain die out. Now mind you we THOUGHT we had this problem fixed, since the fuel filter was very clogged & the car ran fine Sat and Sun w/o probs, but its not the problem. So now he has to look into the fuel pump and maybe a sensor. The car wont even make it to town to get parts so he had to call into work and let them know he wont be there and now we have to try and get this fixed ASAP.
While he was working on the car his dad was still working on the guest house and now all the decking is on and even some of the roofing paper is on. Its so cool to see a ROOF on it. It no longer looks like the Grecian ruins with just "pillars" aiming at the sky, but a real pitched roof on there saying "I?m finally shaping up into a house!" hehe. We ate a late dinner and then his dad headed home.
Tomorrow is going to be *fun*.


Love is in the Air

Today while we were outside I heard this strange song come from one of the turkeys. I wasnt sure if it was the male or female making the harmonics, but then all of a sudden I see the male pecking at the females neck and all the barnyard animals come running to the corner to find out whats going on! They must have reached thier full maturity and I am pretty sure this was the first mating, since all the chickens and goats came running to find out what was up with the turkeys, something they have never done before! It was funny that they did that! It is interesting to note that afterward the turkeys necks were both very outstretched and bright bright red, I am not sure about before since I wasnt paying attention.
So now I wonder how long it will take the female to lay eggs. We plan on incubating them when she does.

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September 7, 2004

The Four Chicks

I had taken some pictures recently of the chicks that we hatched since we added them to the animal's pen. Here are some of the pictures along with thier "baby" picture before I forget who was who.

This is our firstborn chick. It was the only chick with a white spot on its head. She was our early bird hatcher being born June 14, the rest June 15. It was the dominate of the chicks, though now its quite the opposite. We havent named her yet. We thought she was going to be male at first since two got pointy crowns and two had flat ones. Eventually though her crown flattened and she also became very docile.

This is the dominate leader of the group. We didnt know that until she got into the pen with the other chickens. Although she was the last to catch in the chick pen. We named her black beauty for she is all black with a lavendar/green sheen. She has some lighter colored feathers showing through on her neck.

This is our young rooster. He grew bigger than all the other chicks and developed his crown very nicely so we knew he was the only male. He has gotten some colorful feathers in. He has touches of a gold color so we will just call him Gold.

And this is Ugly. She is a rather ugly mixture from Salt. She even has off white feathers which make her look dirty. She was the obvious chick of the bunch that we knew would look like salt.

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September 9, 2004

Incubating Eggs

We have a total of 20 eggs incubating right now. Thats after taking out the quitter eggs. Here is the schedule so I can refer back to it if needed.
Eggs | Date Added | Stop Turning Date | Hatching Day
5_____Aug 25_______Sept 12th_________Sept 15th
2_____Aug 26_______Sept 13th_________Sept 16th
3_____Aug 29_______Sept 16th_________Sept 19th
2_____Aug 31_______Sept 18th_________Sept 21st
8_____Sept 8_______Sept 26th_________Sept 29th

It will be interesting to see how these chicks turn out. So far most of salt's eggs have been quitters or underdeveloped. So she isnt making good eggs. Which is fine, since I prefer Cinnamon's eggs anyway.Maybe this time we will get more of a rhode island red chick. I know I am hoping hehe. Thats why I went through and sided up the pictures of the chicks to what they look like now to help me identify what kind of chicks, when these hatch, will be. Next Wednesday is the first hatching day! Cant believe its almost time for that.

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September 22, 2004

New Chicks

Well we now have 5 chicks. Out of the first five only 3 hatched. Sept 15 hatched the first one which was a reddish gold/yellow with some brown mixed in it. It has a small brown patch on top of his head. Then on Sept 16 came a black with white spot in its head. On the same day another reddish gold/yellow , only this one has some brown stripe down its back.
The next batch of 2 hatched one black with a white spot on its head. Sept 16.
The set of three hatched none.
The 4th set of 4 eggs saw only one hatch which happened today in the wee hours of the morning.
The next hatching day is Sept 29, one week from today.
I'll post pictures when I get a chance, and when I take some decent ones hehe.

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