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September 9, 2004

Incubating Eggs

We have a total of 20 eggs incubating right now. Thats after taking out the quitter eggs. Here is the schedule so I can refer back to it if needed.
Eggs | Date Added | Stop Turning Date | Hatching Day
5_____Aug 25_______Sept 12th_________Sept 15th
2_____Aug 26_______Sept 13th_________Sept 16th
3_____Aug 29_______Sept 16th_________Sept 19th
2_____Aug 31_______Sept 18th_________Sept 21st
8_____Sept 8_______Sept 26th_________Sept 29th

It will be interesting to see how these chicks turn out. So far most of salt's eggs have been quitters or underdeveloped. So she isnt making good eggs. Which is fine, since I prefer Cinnamon's eggs anyway.Maybe this time we will get more of a rhode island red chick. I know I am hoping hehe. Thats why I went through and sided up the pictures of the chicks to what they look like now to help me identify what kind of chicks, when these hatch, will be. Next Wednesday is the first hatching day! Cant believe its almost time for that.

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