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September 7, 2004

The Four Chicks

I had taken some pictures recently of the chicks that we hatched since we added them to the animal's pen. Here are some of the pictures along with thier "baby" picture before I forget who was who.

This is our firstborn chick. It was the only chick with a white spot on its head. She was our early bird hatcher being born June 14, the rest June 15. It was the dominate of the chicks, though now its quite the opposite. We havent named her yet. We thought she was going to be male at first since two got pointy crowns and two had flat ones. Eventually though her crown flattened and she also became very docile.

This is the dominate leader of the group. We didnt know that until she got into the pen with the other chickens. Although she was the last to catch in the chick pen. We named her black beauty for she is all black with a lavendar/green sheen. She has some lighter colored feathers showing through on her neck.

This is our young rooster. He grew bigger than all the other chicks and developed his crown very nicely so we knew he was the only male. He has gotten some colorful feathers in. He has touches of a gold color so we will just call him Gold.

And this is Ugly. She is a rather ugly mixture from Salt. She even has off white feathers which make her look dirty. She was the obvious chick of the bunch that we knew would look like salt.

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