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October 2004 Archives


October 14, 2004

Guest House Supplies

Well not much else going on except this weekend we will be working on the house. We have a problem spot to fix, and have also to go and pick up some free shingles from our neighbor, since he cleans up constructions sites, he gets all sorts of shingles. So for our guest house he has offered them to us for free. That was a nice surprise. As it is the guess house is already built from free wood, minus about 400.00 for the ceiling rafters. And maybe a 150.00 or so on nails and tar paper.
But now we will be getting shingles for free too. That will defiantly help out!

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October 18, 2004

Floor Repair & Plans

Well Saturday Brian had to jack up the house to fix a spot where the previous owner had let a beam rot away because of a leak, and when they fixed it they didn?t properly. So the floor sloped down at that point and was very unstable area. Brian added a beam to the area and gave it a proper fix and now my floor is more even there. Now we can finish painting the kitchen and get a floor laid down. The flooring we will be using is 1 inch planks. I really am looking forward to getting them down. We will have to pry up the 60's tiles along with the layers of paneling and wood they have used over the years, in order to get to the original sub-floor. The flooring that we will be putting down could be used as a sub-floor so our floor will be very sturdy after this. The wood is hardwood planks that Brian has gotten for free from his company. I think it will give the rooms a kind of colonial feel.

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October 29, 2004


Our first gold colored chick came out of this last batch. We actually ended up with two of them, both are now a mixed Rhode Island Red. Here is a picture of the first three chicks when they were very little:

There are a total of 6 I believe. The last run truly is a runt so far since it just wont grow as fast as the others. Its seems healthy other than that. They have been out in the chick pen outside since we havent gotten our cool weather in yet and they are doing just fine.
Last weekend we got a new fence put up for the goats, 5 chickens and turkeys. Steve, our older rooster, is being borrowed for "his services" at the moment.


Persimmon Harvest

I just picked, with Dainen's help, the persimmons off our japanese persimmon trees. They are small so thier fruit is relativly small, but when compared with the wild louisiana persimmons we picked back on September 18 they are much larger. Here is a picture of the japanese persimmons, small tho they are for thier type:

And the Wild Louisiana Persimmons in a bowl which is smaller than the above basket:

I can't wait till our trees get bigger. We also need to plant another apple tree so our "self-producing" apple tree will actually produce fruit, granny smith's to be exact.


Early 19th Century Botanical Prints

I just bought some original botanical prints, 1806 & 1807. They were plates out of a large botanical book published in 1806 and another one in 1807. They are hand colored of course since they didnt have color printing back them, or I should say it was a rarity at that time to have truly colored printing. I figured they would fit nicely in my kitchen. We will make some simple frames for them. Can't wait to get them in. They were cheap too, only 8.00 each, and these are not reproductions.

I decided to broaden my collecting range based on the idea from an article in the old house interiors magazine. Its true how even today we dont have everything from one time period. Often times we have hand me downs right along side the modern things we buy, so I am applying that idea with my kitchen theme, which is 1840's/1850's. I will collect from late 1700's to 1850's. Thats my targeted range anyway.

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