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November 2004 Archives


November 3, 2004

Stickler For Sifters

I found the perfect addition for my kitchen. I just bought a sieve/sifter, only this time it IS a flour sifter. It is one dating back to about 1818. I love it and cant wait to find a spot to display it. It has a woven horse hair mesh.

I recieved my prints today, they are really beautiful, those pics I posted earlier dont really do them justice. Now we just have to make some frames for them.

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November 29, 2004

Always Busy I believe

Brian is getting the [what was going to be the guest house] office finished up pretty nicely. He has most of the walls blocked in, though he has some work left on it to get the shell finished. Then he plans on moving some stuff from our back room into there, which will free up space in that back room so I can give it a good scouring. I cant wait till he can get some of my testing machines in the office and set up, that will make my work 10 times easier.


Chicken Talk

Well we finally did it, one of the chickens made it to the chopping block. It was for sure an interesting experience. I have to admit I like the idea of free food.
And we just recently discovered two of our "hens" are indeed roosters. So we now have 3 roosters, 1 rooster on lend, and 2 hens. We still have 5 chicks, though we dont know what they are yet.


Goats Gone-By

We just sold our goats yesterday. They sold for 50.00 for the pair. Petals managed to escape our newly laid cattle fencing, so she just paid for her ticket out of here. And if she goes, he most certainly does also. It was nice having them, but we really weren't getting them for pets to start with. They were to some how pull thier weight, but instead they were working against us, so they had to go. They went to a young lady who had been keenly interested in them for some time. Hope she has fun with them! Now one day we will get a cow...but that is a long way away!

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