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December 6, 2004

Turkey Egg

Yesterday Brian collected 2 eggs from the chicken coop. One was consistent with our regular laying Rhode Island hen Cinnamon, and the other was a very light tan, as opposed to the dark pinkish tan of Cinnamon's eggs, and the egg was very bumpy and rough, as opposed to Cinnamon's always near perfect smooth beutiful eggs. The yolk was much bigger than any of the chicken eggs we have gotten, even tho the size of the egg itself was close to that of the Cinnamon's. Since we have a hen who hasnt even started laying yet, whom we have named Speckle, we concluded that was much to large of an egg for her first and the yolk itself lends it to be the Turkey's. So based on that evidence we believe our Turkey has entered upon true female turkeyhood and will be producing eggs, tho probably not nearly as many as chickens, since that is what I read. We would have tried our egg out but it had two tiny pin holes in the shell which rendered it no good for eating.

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