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February 25, 2005

Turkey Dinner

Well last years crop of turkeys has ended with the two we had left, which our male died for some unknown reason and last weekend our female was dinner. They were not quite a year old. She ended up being about a 25lb bird, her chest being quite broad and meaty. It took us 3 1/2 hours to pluck her feathers and then about thirty minutes to clean her out, surprizingly that was the easy part. Then we put her in an ice chest and headed north to share with family our last and only Turkey to survive, and to celebrate, if you will, the first home raised turkey we have done. There is some great satisfaction knowing you had a hand in the growing of the food you are eating. They say turkey raising isnt easy, and its true, but we have learned a lot this past year and are ready to go and get more chicks this spring. This time we hope our sucess rate to be a little bit higher!

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Spring is Coming

Our peach tree is blossoming. So spring is pretty much here. We most likely will still have some cold snaps. The blossoms have come early this year. The bees will be coming back out soon! We didnt even get a chance to prune our peach tree like we had planned. I hope we dont have an infestation of the peach bug, I forget what it is called.

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