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May 9, 2005

Possums & Chickens

A lot has been going on at our mini farm here. We started out this year with 12 chickens. One died during a cold spell back in the early months. We eventually moved all the small chickens into the main pen with the three roosters. Well since there were only 3 hens against 8 roosters they were being quite abused. Even Steve one of our older roosters became a victum of the abuse which we put a stop to by moving him out into a separate pen. Along with him we moved Cinnamon, one of the hens, since she was so tramatized by the brutality of the other roosters mating (and several at one time) that she kept herself in the coop, butt in one corner, head buried in the other. She wouldnt even come out to feed.
So we had them in thier to recooperate and then our neighbor clears his forest. Well the next couple of days first cinnamon disappears completely without a trace. We just assumed she got out since Steve was wandering freely around the yard. Well after that we decided to take one of the roosters named Ugly and put him in with Steve to fatten him up & put in our freezer. Well the next couple of days with find Ugly headless and half eaten in the fattening pen, as we coined it. Steve once again was wondering the yard freely. So we decided whatever was killing our chickens could get into the little pen, so we moved Steve back into the large pen. Next day he too was found headless and half eaten. But all the other chickens were fine. Well we put a trap out and one evening before going to bed we went and checked it. We found it had caught a possum and there was another wondering about it snarling, growling and hissing. Thus we believe it was possums that have been killing our chickens. Once, which was a while back, we had found a possum who had wondered into the chicken coop and talk about made quite a ruckus! Later we had trapped a possum who was missing one eye and had a feeling it could have been the one who got caught in the chicken coop. Never thought they would try and kill our chickens!

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