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July 2, 2005

Chickens from Hattisburg, Mississippi

The other day Brian had to drive up to Hattisburg, MS and on his way what catches his eye but a sign that says Fresh Eggs $1.50 a dozen. So he stops in on his way back home and found that the eggs are fertile and that they would lay aside 3 dozen for him to return the following Saturday. And thats just what we did. Right now those 3 dozen (only 6 being infertile) are forming in the "hatchery" [ I detest calling it an incubator - such an unnatural expression ]. We got a chance to look and see the birds that laid the eggs and what a nice variety they are. We even have some green eggs (and no ham ~ hmph!).
We have the two hens penned up with a rooster, Silver. They are now laying on a very regular basis.
We have been dropping a tablet or two of Calcium that you buy over the counter, into thier water, and the shells of the eggs are turning out quite hardy.

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