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October 5, 2005

Another Litter

Well our same cat that had the 5 kittens recently has had another batch Sunday October 2. We don?t believe it was any of our own male cats that is the father of the new litter. She had four male orange tabby kittens. Sunday as we were getting ready for our meeting I noticed her in the back room under the open cabinets. I said to her, "Now girl don't even think about having your babies in there." And then we hear a tiny mew. Sure enough she had already given birth to all 4 of her kittens. So we moved them into a large box and set them off in our room. Now we have to worry about getting Natalya fixed, so we don?t have a cat farm!

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October 21, 2005

Orphaned Kittens

Well at the age of 2 weeks, the kittens have been orphaned. We dont know what happened to Natalya thier mother, but Saturday in the wee hours she woke Brian up by vomiting all over my freshly mopped floor in the kitchen. He got up and let her out. That was the last time she was seen. So we have been bottle feeding the little things every since.


Behind the Textured Walls

After getting our power restored, and having the itch to get this place into shape, Brian decided to see how easy it was to remove the awful texture on the walls. It had been placed by the previous owner, which once we get into scraping off the texture we learned why he slapped it on there. The texture is so thick and pointy in some spots it will actually cut you. We have always hated it. Its not your usual texture but very ugly grains running up and down the walls. It is quite gruesome in my eyes. Well once we started we found it was a cinch with the right tools, which was a lathe tool actually. Here a detail of the before and after texture on the walls:

We discovered the living room was once green, which funny enough is what I have it as, as well. Not a surprise though since the floors had green and white tiles from the 1960's. Anyway once we got to the top of the wall we find this:

Yeah! Instead of dropping the wires and fishing for them, our previous owner knocked out a whole in the wall and made it easier for him to feed the wires. Well once finished he completed the hole by stuffing fabric batting (yep the stuff your mom used to make those little strawberry shortcake fabric dolls) into the hole and patched over with some sheetrock tape and putty/texture. Lovely.
We did end up finding another hole, where he had mistakenly cut an outlet hole in the wrong place. Once again a cover job was used, though he must have ran out of the fabric batting this time.
Our plans will be to fix the holes, properly and no fabric batting this time. Then smooth the wall & then paint it. It took us not even an entire day to take out one half of the wall, and that was mostly because Brian had to run an errand and I am a slow poke at physical work.

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October 24, 2005

Used Virginian Brick

When choosing a solid brick, we had the choice of used St.Louis, Georgia, South Carolina or Virginia. Now since my ancestors came from Virginia guess which appealed more? Both Brian and I liked the Virginia Brick the most. Ranging from soft reds to orangey reds the used bricks have an aged charm all thier own. It will be used to make a brick surround for our wood stove. The weather has turned chilly and we really need to put our wood stove in working order again. And since we have taken up the previous luane board floor and laid a real wooden floor down, it?s now time for the brick surround & pedestal that the stove will rest on.
Just for the record it was .70 cents per brick. We were able to hand select each brick since we got an amount of 150, and we will be returning soon to get another 150 bricks. We are going to clean off some of the mortar that was left, but we don?t want them perfect looking! We will reuse them if we ever build a fireplace, which we want to one day.
Here is a photo of the brick:

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