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April 4, 2006

All About Walls

Its been busy around here....with family that came in! But we are now back to work on the house again.
In a previous entry I mentioned how we were scraping the texture off of our livingroom walls. Well instead of scraping, Brian sanded the texture off today. Here is a photo of the awful texture...

This stuff is so thick Ive cut my knuckles on it before. It really is awful, so anyway its all off in the livingroom now! One room down and two to go!
Here are some photos of the progress.....

The Front Door & its de-textured wall....

The wall right of the front door....

And finally the wall right of the last one...its the wall you see when you walk in the front door...

All de-textured now! What a mess though. We have some spots to repair, which should take place tomorrow as well as floating the sheetrock.

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April 24, 2006

Doors, Doorframes, and Walls

Earlier this month Brian built a new door frame for our bedroom. A couple of reasons for this was, 1) it was the only door frame in the house with mitered corners and it was smaller in size than the other trim work. 2) Brian had to install a new door, and it would make his job so much easier.
Here is the door way after taking down the existing doorframe

Now he hasn?t built a door frame before but it wasn?t that hard for him. First he planed the wood, we have a lot of rough cut oak that we are using. It planes up beautifully.
Then after all the measuring and cutting he started to put it together. One thing he learned is the nails they make today really are junky. Almost everyone of them bent going into the oak. So that was the slowest part of the whole job.
Anyway now we have a beautiful and very STOUT doorframe. He is thinking of rebuilding the entrance doorframe as well with oak, since it does make it so sturdy! Here is the doorframe after getting it built and all the trim up, the trim by the way is just pine...

When we tore down the existing doorframe we discovered a couple of things. One, we found where the original back window was in the living room before the bedroom addition was added on. It?s the reason you can look on the left side, from the bedroom vantage, and see where there is plywood, and where there is the original siding to the house. On the right side its siding from top to bottom. But not on the left. Also the paint coating is very thin on the siding that was once the back of the house, suggesting a closer to original color. Which all makes sense, since its...take a guess? Yep...GREEN. loL! Those people REALLY liked green =) Here is the siding, sandwiched in between the walls in our livingroom and bedroom

Then after a lot of putty, sand, putty, sand, we finally got the first wall painted last night with its new Cottonwood tint from Ralph Lauren. The color sample really doesnt do it justice. Its got a lot of yellow undertones and on the walls its nearly a lighter tan color in the day. At any rate in does very well with the really bright in contrast kitchen color of Goldfinch.

And the doorframe with its 1 coat of Kilz, and its one coat on the wall. We still have to add another coat for the wall, and 1 coat of brilliant white for the trim...

And this shows the two rooms. Right now the livingroom is darker than normal because of furniture being out of place. The beam in the middle will be painted white eventually to match the rest of the trim.

At least I can see some progress ~ finally after all the dust loL!

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