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May 4, 2006

Moving Forward with some Progress

We are now about 64 percent finished with the livingroom. Last week we put two coats of cottonwood on the walls, and there is now two coats of white on the trim. We even got the "cornice moulding" which is actually just 1x4's, since I prefer it more simple in here. Its painted with one coat, but needs a second which we have yet to do. The only things left are to fix a small spot on the ceiling which needs some texture and paint. The current floors to be taken up and the new laid down. The doors to be painted and the outlet covers to all be installed and thats it.
We just got a hold of 12 foot sheetrock at less than half the price per sheet, so the other rooms will take less time and be much easier than all the sanding and puttying we have been doing!
We still have our eye on that house that I?ve mentioned before. Anyway the man has to first repossess the property (which will be about 5 weeks to do from now) since the person he sold it to hasn?t made his payments since the storm. They weren?t living there, but I think they were fixing it up, but they havent been back since the storm. (Might have something to do with some side damage from a tree swiping it)
Once he does that we will be able to put a contract on it, the money for that is on standby. Once that happens then I will post some photos of the place and say a little more about it. Its turning into quite a puzzle. =)
Until then we are working hard to get this place ready to sell.
So far all is going according to plan, and thankfully we do have a LITTLE time which will "buy" us some for fixing this place up. I'll post some photos soon of the progress and the new walls. =)))


The Pictorial Progress

Here is what the wall that used to have a hole in it now looks like, before the trim went up

Here is our 6 year old, serious at work

And here is the light switch cover that came with the house before, and then after I applied the same technique as with my light fixtures for the bathroom.

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