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October 2, 2006

Finally Some Kitchen Progress

Now things are starting to move! We are at 65% completed with our kitchen. We decided to lay a tile countertop which we found to be easier than expected. We found the tile at Lowes, a BR Mocha (I can?t remember what BR stood for). Anyway I almost messed up because I first decided on Sand colored grout. Well after laying the tile and seeing the dark shadows in the spaces, I decided it would probably look nicer with a darker colored grout. So we exchanged the grout for one called ?Mocha?. Which I have to say did exceedingly well. So the countertops are all laid with some small exceptions, like around the back of the sink. Also today Brian built the stove thingy which is the support for the stove vent. He built the frame, put up the plywood, the sheetrock and placed the hood all in one day! I was pretty proud of the pace he followed today. Tomorrow he will grout and lay the tile for the backsplash areas, including behind the stove. Also he is supposed to putty up the new wall and also putty up our molding in the living room so we can refresh the paint on it. Well that pretty much brings it up to speed for the kitchen. I'll post pictures below, and a new post will be for the work I got done on the utility room.

Here is our kitchen in its beginning of the remodel stage:

Here it is now, of course my walls aren?t that dark, just the way the photo came out. Oh and the sink is lifted up in this photo. We since laid it back down and its waiting for some caulking to go around it:

Here is the tile right after we laid and spaced it:

Here is the beginning of the new little wall:

And here it is with sheetrock and plywood. I even laid out a few tiles to see what it will look like:

Now I know we should build a little thing to go over the hood, just not sure if we will have the time. We have SO much to accomplish! But I am hoping we can.
That's all for now!

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October 4, 2006

Woeful Plumbing

We have had some serious plumbing issues come up. For some reason recently it got really bad. Originally we were planning on hiring this work out since Brian REALLY didn?t want to fool with any of it. It was rather minor exchanging the pipes for the correct KIND of pipes, he just didn?t want to have to do it.
Long story short, the man who sold us the house didn?t install schedule 40 PVC or whatever on the house end of the septic tank. Instead he used this black corrugated pipe, which is not up to code, to connect to the septic tank. Recently it must have caved in or something and so all our sewer was, unbenounced to us, running back through the lines that carry the grey water from the washer, and since there is a busted corrugated piece of junk over there as well it was spilling out onto the ground, HORRORS!
So obviously we could not wait for the plumber to get here (he was on a waiting list) and we thankfully found the problem before it got worse, but Brian was going to have to do the job.
So today he made several trips to the hardware store and got all the pipes, couplings, glues, ect he needed to get the sewer plumbed correctly.
I helped him dig up the corrugated line which thankfully wasn?t too long of a stretch. But just long enough to have to need another large pipe. I also helped him cover it all over once he finished and that?s why I have a sore back tonight! =)
Now our toilet flushes in ONE flush! That?s so much better!
Also we have had for quite some time a small water leak by line that comes into the kitchen. That has caused a constant marshland to occur, even with marshland plant life. =)
Today he dug that up, fixed the leak, which turned out to be because the previous owner put an outside shut off valve UNDERGROUND. Which, for obvious reasons, rusted and caused it to leak. So now that is all fixed and the ground can finally return to DRY earth like the rest of the yard.
The only thing he has left, which will need a few weeks to dry out, will be to plumb with the correct pipes the laundry area and tie it in correctly to the line going to the septic tank.
I will be so EVER happy to get all this done and marked off our list for the Exterior house to-do list! We are almost 1 down and about 9 or 10 more to go for the exterior.

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October 6, 2006

Bathroom Pumbing - Done!

Today Brian finished up the bathroom plumbing list he had. Its complete! Its finished! Oh what a wonderful feeling that is! Now our tub drains faster and we even have a new pretty shiny drain thingy for it.
He would have done it yesterday but we both had talks on the school, I had a #3 and he had the #4. So he took Thursday to work on his talk.
But today he was back at it, and now the only thing left for plumbing is under the utility room. But that will have to wait a few weeks.
To celebrate its fried chicken and a movie, after a nice hot soaking first of course loL!


The Last of the Grouting

We now have all the tile work laid and grouted. The only thing left to do for the countertops is to let it dry, paint the wood piece that sets it front of the tile, and attach the wood piece on the side.
Some photos of the finished tile work, although the grout is a bit dark above the stove & by the wood front pieces since its still wet...

To finish the kitchen out here is the list:

1.Gut Room
2.Add Insulation
3.Replace Sheetrock
4.Build Cabinets
5.Float Sheetrock
6.Paint walls
7.Install window molding
8.Add window doo-dads
9.Install new chandelier
10.Install new kohler sink
11.Install new faucet
12.Lay formica countertop
13.Buy cabinet hardware
14.Install cabinet hardware
15.Buy new doorknob
16.Install new doorknob
17.Fix sloping floor
18.Take up old floor
19.Lay down new wood floor
20.Stain new wood floor
21.Buy new door
22.Install new door
23.Re-lay a tile countertop
24.Buy Stove Vent
25.Build Stove Vent area
26.Take down chandelier
27.Install new kitchen light
28.Install switch/outlet covers
29.Refresh paint on trim
30.Replace new door (thank you children!)
31.Buy paint for door
32.Paint new door
33.Buy Ceiling molding
34.Paint Ceiling molding
35.Install ceiling molding
36.Buy baseboards
37.Paint baseboards
38.Install baseboards
39.Fix bottom cabinets
40.Paint/stain cabinets
41.Prepare boards for new wood floor.
42.Lay wood flooring
43.[If no upper cabinets] Touch up ceiling

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October 8, 2006

No More Panel Ceilings

The utility room now is at 41% complete! Yesterday my brother graciously came over to help Brian install the sheetrock ceiling for the utility room. Previously it had panel ceilings, which ended up with a leak in the roof and unbenounced to us caused the ceiling rafters to rot away. So as they were installing the sheetrock, they discovered that only to have to fix the rafters before they could finish installing the sheetrock. A job that should have taken only a few hours took about 7 instead. That was rather disappointing, but at least its up now! Thats one more thing off the list! =)) Thanks bro!

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