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November 6, 2006

A New Floor

As of today the utility room is now 67% complete. We have all four walls painted now,the paneling hung and painted for the one wall, the new light fixture was installed, ceiling floated and painted, and the new floor was laid down today.
All we have left is to lay the thresholds, make/paint/install the molding and baseboards, add hardware and put the two cabinet doors back in place, put up the door leading to the bedroom and kitchen, then do some light painting and we are through!

These "stick-on" tiles were on clearence at Lowe's. They are a good quality and they were cheap. The door in the photo used to be where the kitchen door entrance was. But since we replaced that was an interior door, we used this door to replace the back door which was actually an interior door. Besides this door, the one with the three panels of glass, used to be the original back door.

These upper small cabinets had a new coat of bright white paint and some new handles.

Here is the door that leads into our bedroom. It will be replaced.
We picked up this $5.00 can of opps paint from Ace. The utility room used to be a porch before the previous owner walled it in. So it slopes downward. Also you can see the original wall siding. I rather like the look so I chose to expose it rather than cover it over.

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