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November 2, 2006

Bathroom Remodel - Week 1

Last Thursday we had gutted the bathroom. This was a job we were NOT looking forward to. Save the worst for last ~ know what I mean?
So anyway Thursday, Brian had someone over so he could haul what we gutted off to the dump. We ended up having over 1900 lbs of stuff between the bathroom and some stuff in the yard. Today makes a week working on the bathroom. Here is what we have done:
1) Gutted the bathroom
2) Moved the tub to replace the rotted floor.
3) Added some floor joists to handle the new sub floor, which we laid down.
4) Added a new plywood wall behind the tub area
5) Added a concrete backer board to the floor area in front of the tub
6) Widened the doorway into the "tub room"
7) Installed the lights in the tub room
8) Replumbed the tub to handle a new faucet and for the first time a shower
9) Installed a tub surround
10) Built a wall to go around the tub and support the tub surround.
11) Added sheetrock to that wall and the one behind it
12) Added insulation on the walls in the first part of the bathroom
13) Almost have the ceiling completely prepped for raising it one foot. It will slant down now instead of be flat across. The slant is to gain 1 foot of ceiling space. It makes a huge difference.
14) Almost have completed the adding of insulation to the tub room.

What we have left:
1) Install sheetrock in all areas which need it.
2) Finish raising tub room ceiling
3) Finish insulating bathroom (small places which we haven’t got yet)
4) Connect the wall of tub room to the roof (yes the builder did NOT do this!) This will be done by building a small triangular 2 x 4 frame to extend from wall to ceiling. We have all the lumber cut, just need to put together.
5) Add shiplap siding to triangular 2 x 4 frame on exterior wall to get rid of the junk board that was used. (See photo)
6) Float sheetrock
7) Paint all walls
8) Install new flooring
9) Paint and add molding
10) Install new light for main bathroom area (which we still have yet to get)
11) Hang new mirror (after we buy one)
12) Hang new door and paint it
13) Rebuild sink cabinet (should be able to do mostly with boards we have around here)
14) Add a new upper cabinet
15) Move tub water lines to new spot

And now a couple of photos...not the greatest but you can get the idea.....

This is from the "tub room" looking into the main bathroom area. The entry way used to be so narrow and made the tub room look more long and narrow and an obvious add on. By moving those two posts over almost flush with where the shiplap siding wall is gave between 6-12 inches or so of more room. Making it much roomier in the tub room and tying the two rooms together much better.

You just never know what you will discover when you start tearing down walls in a previously owned home. This area looks directly in the back of our closet, but because that used to be the exterior wall of the house (they didn’t even take it down when he added our bedroom on) you can still see the back of the shiplap siding. This area was built up for a window, so evidently before the bedroom add-on, the bathroom had a window in it, something we didn’t know. I almost decided to leave it open and put shelves on it, but since its such a narrow space in the bathroom I was afraid things would get knocked off too much so I am just going to cover it and let someone else have the pleasure of discovering it later in the future. =)

Here you can see the junk board I was referring too. It says "Stafford" on it. Not sure what it was, but looks to be some kind of sign. Anyway just a shameful job he did of adding the tub room. You see above the window it should attach or join in some fashion to the ceiling...however it does not. That is the area Brian will build the triangular piece to actually ATTACH the wall to the roof. Sheesh....You can see I have the lights hung that I did up in this post. I just need to scrub that wall down and then paint it.


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It's coming along, Jessica! Yeah, you're just never know what you're going to find when you start gutting. When we gutted our bathroom, we discovered that the washer and dryer use to be in there...AND that the previous owner just left exposed electrical wiring in the wall. Thank goodness is was dead, but still, not a nice thing to discover, lol!

Your light looks great, btw!

(Hehe, I have to add, we gutted our bathroom (gulp) two years ago...still gutted! I had a change of plans and decided we needed to finish the kitchen first...Why my husband puts up with me, I don't know!lol!)

Posted by tWilightmama | November 3, 2006 7:48 AM

Posted on November 3, 2006 07:48


Thanks Kim! I think its rather neat to disover things like that, then again I wouldnt like finding exposed electrical wiring! We found that the man did the same thing with the light switch for the tub room, there was no electrical tape or wire nuts, just bare wire, only this is to a live switch! We NEVER knew this....sheesh! Anyway thats all fixed now though.
I know what you mean about changing directions. We do that all the time. Matter of fact we switch around all of the day we will finish ONE of them lol!
Thanks for stopping by the place! =)

Posted by Jessica | November 3, 2006 2:52 PM

Posted on November 3, 2006 14:52


Wow, things are coming along nicely Jessica. Keep up the great work! :)

Posted by bookyeti | November 5, 2006 9:58 AM

Posted on November 5, 2006 09:58


Thanks Bev! I wish it was coming along faster tho lol =) Cant wait to put the finishing touches on it.
Thanks for dropping in!!

Posted by Jessica | November 6, 2006 10:00 PM

Posted on November 6, 2006 22:00

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