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November 15, 2006

Paint and Porch Columns

We replaced both porch columns with a solid 6 x 6 instead of boards nailed together to make a hollow box. The bottoms of the columns were rotting out, but the left column was the worst off. The cost of replacing the columns was nothing, since we had gotten the 6 x 6's from the shipyard years ago. The 6 x 6's were rough cut so Brian took a drill sander to smooth them just enough for painting. Here are some photos of the switching out process.

You can see the worst off column sitting on the ground since he changed that one out first. The new column stands there waiting to be put in place. It was strange to see the porch with one column missing. Rather scary too since one mistake and the front of the porch could have fallen in.

I'm much happier now knowing the porch will not just fall in on itself now since we have solid wood up there. And everything went smooth with no problems. You can also see from these photos what the house colors were.

The exterior of the house is now in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint. We have one side and the front nearly finished. We chose an off-white color called ‘Ocean Mist’ and the trim color is called ‘Cinnamon Stone’. It definitely stands out now.

We have everything painted on the front of the house, except the front part of the porch that extends outward, which is still brilliant white at the moment.

The whole house was brilliant white and sky blue for trim as the previous photos showed. Blech! We never liked it but never got around to changing it till now. The off white is a warmer shade than the brilliant white and the trim color adds to the warmth. We also painted the front side of the door the same color as the trim….Cinnamon Stone. We haven’t decided which color porch paint we will use. We are trying to avoid white or battleship grey. Perhaps a charcoal would be better…or a grayish green? Choices…choices…..
So anyway we would have been finished with the house had it not been for the bad weather that was coming through the area. That and we got some sort of stomach flu. But the sun is shining again so back to work it will be. Once we finish painting the house we will be 38% finished with the exterior things.

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