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December 1, 2006

An Air of Excitement

Ok the house just listed Tuesday. Yesterday our agent called us to let us know we had someone who wanted to come and look at the house. Now we have some things that are not finished with the house but we plan on finishing them. So we were hoping that wouldn’t deter anyone from wanting to buy the place. This morning I took the boys to town, before the people were to come over. That way they wouldn’t be fighting or try to hog their attention as they love to do when people come over.
It is a cold & chilly day as noted by the "winter storm" that came in last night. But it’s not a gloomy day either, matter of fact it’s actually a nice bright and sunshiny day, just chilly. So we have the wood burning stove going, the kittens napping in the chair, the house clean and cozy with our cinnamon brooms and vanilla water simmering on the stove. I actually hated to leave this morning.
Well I left around 8:30am and Brian showed the house around 9ish. When I got back he went on telling me how it went and that he got a good feeling about it.
After awhile we get a phone call from our agent saying an offer has been made for 60,000 so we said sure! Of course we are about to come out of our skin with excitement! Our agent is supposed to come by later so we can sign the offer agreement. Talk about WOW! We know so many things can fall thru but this is so much more quickly than we both thought an offer would be made.

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December 3, 2006

Bathroom To-Do List

Bathroom Cabinet

We have brought the bathroom finish percentage up to being 72% done. Here is our list, updated, that I posted previously:
1) Install sheetrock in all areas which need it.
2) Finish raising tub room ceiling
3) Finish insulating bathroom (small places which we haven’t got yet)
4) Connect the wall of tub room to the roof (yes the builder did NOT do this!) This will be done by building a small triangular 2 x 4 frame to extend from wall to ceiling. We have all the lumber cut, just need to put together.
5) Add shiplap siding to triangular 2 x 4 frame on exterior wall to get rid of the junk board that was used.
6) Float sheetrock
7) Paint all walls
8) Install new flooring
9) Paint and add molding
10) Install new light for main bathroom area (which we still have yet to get)
11) Hang new mirror (after we buy one - BOUGHT)
12) Hang new door and paint it
13) Rebuild sink cabinet (should be able to do mostly with boards we have around here)
14) Add a new upper cabinet - decided not to do this
15) Move tub water lines to new spot
Yesterday Brian finished building the cabinet, and laid the countertop surface down. Between yesterday and today we have laid the flooring for the main bathroom, but the tub room still needs to have the tile laid. We will do that the same time we lay the stone on the countertop. Its actually more of an accent since the countertop will be bordered in wood.
He used small planks of red oak that we had around here and put them together via a frame. I painted it and we are supposed to work on getting the countertop on tomorrow. We will see.....
Anyway you can see in the above photo the cabinet Brian built.

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December 18, 2006


Kaian is sick with a high fever. Explains why last night all he did was wake up in tears.
Brian just ran to the store for meds.
So here is a quick post while I have a minute...
.....Photos to come later.....
We have the bathroom cabinet all finished except for grouting the tiles.
We have the paint, just plain ol' white, for the bathroom.
We have the floor laid.
Need to grout floor.
Need 1 more coat of putty before the final sanding.
Need to paint entire bathroom.
Need to hang new door.
Need to make, paint, and install trim.
We have the hallway painted, a light yellow, with white trim.
Need to paint the ceiling.
We have the boys' room door hung.
Need to paint the room, the trim and fix the breaker box area [replace sheetrock].
We have put up a couple pieces of small trim up.
We have sanded and painted the stove area.
We have painted a couple of the other areas in the kitchen that were needed.
Need to make a threshold for the kitchen to utility room doorway.
Need to finish freshening up the trim.
Need to install the baseboards.
Need to hang the door to the kitchen/utility room doorway.
Need to fix the spots on the ceiling.
Need to build hood cover.
Need to finish cabinets.
We have painted the few problem areas.
We have added some small trim.
Need to install the baseboards
Need to buy and install the outlet covers.
Need to install the trim.
Need to paint the window frame.
Need to install closet doors.
Need to paint.
Need to build threshold.
Need to install bedroom to utility room door.

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December 22, 2006

The Very Very Very Reduced List

Ok ladies and gent, this is the nearly finished list for the house. It’s down to the wire. Only 19 days till closing and that means 19 days and we will be in Kentucky! =)

1) Refresh paint on trim work
2) Paint door
3) Fix bottom cabinets/stain, ect
4) Touch up ceiling
5) Build stove hood cover/stain, ect

1) Install baseboards
2) Install Outlet covers
3) Refresh paint on trim work

1) Add moldings to bathroom, paint ect
2) Paint bathroom
3) Grout countertop
4) Grout floor
5) Install door, paint, ect
6) Final putty and sanding of walls
7) Build threshold

1) Paint walls
2) Install closet doors
3) Add doorknobs
4) Change outlet covers

1) Add sheetrock to wall
2) Paint walls & trim
3) Paint door

1) Add knobs on cabinets
2) Replace door, if can, that goes to bedroom, paint ect
3) Install moldings
4) Build last threshold
5) Paint window trim

1) Replace some clapboards
2) Finish plumbing for washing machine

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