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December 1, 2006

An Air of Excitement

Ok the house just listed Tuesday. Yesterday our agent called us to let us know we had someone who wanted to come and look at the house. Now we have some things that are not finished with the house but we plan on finishing them. So we were hoping that wouldn’t deter anyone from wanting to buy the place. This morning I took the boys to town, before the people were to come over. That way they wouldn’t be fighting or try to hog their attention as they love to do when people come over.
It is a cold & chilly day as noted by the "winter storm" that came in last night. But it’s not a gloomy day either, matter of fact it’s actually a nice bright and sunshiny day, just chilly. So we have the wood burning stove going, the kittens napping in the chair, the house clean and cozy with our cinnamon brooms and vanilla water simmering on the stove. I actually hated to leave this morning.
Well I left around 8:30am and Brian showed the house around 9ish. When I got back he went on telling me how it went and that he got a good feeling about it.
After awhile we get a phone call from our agent saying an offer has been made for 60,000 so we said sure! Of course we are about to come out of our skin with excitement! Our agent is supposed to come by later so we can sign the offer agreement. Talk about WOW! We know so many things can fall thru but this is so much more quickly than we both thought an offer would be made.


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OH MY WORD! Jessica, that is wonderful news! You've hardly had your house listed any time at all and an offer already! That is awesome! I love all the work you guys have been doing - and the new exterior colors are so pretty...such a drastic change.

I know you all must be terribly excited - I would be, too! Great job to the two of you on all your hard work! It has certainly paid off!

Posted by TWilightmama | December 2, 2006 3:22 PM

Posted on December 2, 2006 15:22


Hey Kim,
Thanks for stopping in...sorry this place is a bit of a mess - I’m working on that.
Many thanks on the compliments!
The first person to look at the place put an offer on it. We totally didn’t expect that! We were thinking it would take over a month to have that happen.
At least it takes some pressure off of me so I don’t have to have the house immaculate now. =)
Still many hurdles to overcome to get to selling though! So this is an adventure in itself!
Well ta ta for now! =))

Posted by Jessica | December 3, 2006 11:01 PM

Posted on December 3, 2006 23:01

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