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December 18, 2006


Kaian is sick with a high fever. Explains why last night all he did was wake up in tears.
Brian just ran to the store for meds.
So here is a quick post while I have a minute...
.....Photos to come later.....
We have the bathroom cabinet all finished except for grouting the tiles.
We have the paint, just plain ol' white, for the bathroom.
We have the floor laid.
Need to grout floor.
Need 1 more coat of putty before the final sanding.
Need to paint entire bathroom.
Need to hang new door.
Need to make, paint, and install trim.
We have the hallway painted, a light yellow, with white trim.
Need to paint the ceiling.
We have the boys' room door hung.
Need to paint the room, the trim and fix the breaker box area [replace sheetrock].
We have put up a couple pieces of small trim up.
We have sanded and painted the stove area.
We have painted a couple of the other areas in the kitchen that were needed.
Need to make a threshold for the kitchen to utility room doorway.
Need to finish freshening up the trim.
Need to install the baseboards.
Need to hang the door to the kitchen/utility room doorway.
Need to fix the spots on the ceiling.
Need to build hood cover.
Need to finish cabinets.
We have painted the few problem areas.
We have added some small trim.
Need to install the baseboards
Need to buy and install the outlet covers.
Need to install the trim.
Need to paint the window frame.
Need to install closet doors.
Need to paint.
Need to build threshold.
Need to install bedroom to utility room door.

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