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January 2, 2007

Coming to Completion

Been busy little bees over here. Deadline is Monday Jan 8 to get everything accomplished. Today, we bought some of the needed supplies to finish everything up. Tommorw we will make another run to the store for some things we forgot to pick up today...isnt there always something to forget?
Last night we grouted the bathroom floor and painted the entire bathroom. So now all that is left is the countertop to be grouted, then we are 100% complete with the bathroom.
We were able to cut a few things off our list since we are going by what is contractual, instead of our "would like to's" since those cost us lots of time.
That being the case the master bedroom is complete since we installed the closet doors (and doorknobs) this evening.
Tomorrow will be filled with plumbing, replacing damaged exterior boards, and odds-n-ends since, as if things weren’t crazy enough, we will be tied up Thursday thru Sunday with something else. So hopefully tomorrow we can finish most of what is on our list.
Oh to squeeze things even tighter we have a termite inspector to come out tomorrow at 1:30. Hopefully there will be no problems with that! I could tell you stories and stories about how things are going, but that would be an earful to say the least!

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January 6, 2007

Termite Inspection Diagnosis

The termite inspector actually came out Thursday morning. His name is Brian Dunn...but he is not my husband. Actually a little background to all of this is one day we received a phone call for Brian Dunn, of course thats my hubby's name, and the person on the other line started talking about getting Angel's. Now this phone call was received right before the holidays a few years back, and so Brian is thinking Angels like for the top of a christmas tree or something because of the way it was asked. In fact it turned out to be a lawyer for Brian Dunn who was purchasing a pest control company called Angels Pest Control. So amongst the confusion we learned there was another Brian Dunn in Franklinton. Later we found another Brian Dunn who lives in the area. But back to the facts at hand, Brian Dunn came to inspect our house for termites last Thursday morning only to give us the worst news we could hear...yes we have them. And according to him powder post beetles as well, altho when the Orkin man came he did not see any signs of the latter critters. At any rate it would be about 700.00 to get it treated and he could do it Monday. Well we dont HAVE 700.00! So a panic ensued...well actually tears ensued for me. Since I knew the girl wouldnt pay it nor would she buy the place untreated. I just saw the whole thing unraveling! But alas a glimmer of hope came when the pest control man agreed he could just take it out of the proceeds from the house. But 700.00 is a huge chunk of change and we have already sacrificed so much money in this selling that it is beginning to not be beneficial for us. So Brian decided to call our real estate agent and see if the purchaser could pay it, or at least half of it, since after all SHE will be the one benefiting from it, not us. I mean we are already PAYING HER 1200 as an "allowance" for electrical work. So she walks away from closing with 1200 put in her pocket on us, which I doubt she will use to do the electrical. Her reply? Absolutely not! She will not chip in. Figures. But surprisingly, well not too surprising, our real estate agent (which there is a long story behind the motive as to why she probably did the following) decided to chip in half of the pest treatment out of her fee. This was a huge relief all the way around! Lesson in all of this? It never hurts to ASK.
Anyway today Brian has been working on getting the kitchen cabinet finished. I'll be staining it soon. We have the baseboards for the livingroom painted and tonight should be put up if all goes well. Plus we will probably, MAYBE, be painting the boys room tonight...we shall see.
I'll get some pictures as soon as I finish some of the rooms up or at least tidy them up hehe!

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January 12, 2007

A Sad End

A nightmare has ended. Closing day was the worst so far in our lives. Im glad its over and glad to be gone. I have honestly never been happier to leave some place. But at the same time I am sorry to have sold it to selfish, greedy and down right cruel people. All which never came out till the day of closing.
We found out the day after closing, the new owners are clearing all the trees on the property. So it will never ever be the same.
I'm only looking forward from here....not back.

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January 22, 2007

New Site

Since we have sold the house there is no sense in updating here.
You can find out what we are doing here:
Upon the Ridgetops
See you there!

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