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July 6, 2004

Goats are Courting

Well Bam Bam and Petals have finally begun the courting process. I noticed this behavior last Sunday. We are hoping when mating season comes around, which is this fall, that we can be expecting a kid from Petals. I didnt notice any courting behavior last year, so this is quite hopeful.

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July 19, 2004

In Labor Yet Not

Well we have had much going on lately here on our little farm. First off Thursday our goats found a way out of thier pen. So we had to lure them back in once Brian returned home with some goat chow & a new fence so we can not have them escape again.
Friday I went out to check on the goats in the late afternoon and discovered Petals, our female goat, was having contractions! Now there was no signs of the udder being full of milk, but she was having contractions, she was producing all the right hormonal fluids that pregnancy induces, so I naturally concluded such. So we thought she was in the early stages of labor since I read that the milk bags can fill at the last minute. The picture is of her while she was having a strong contraction, her stomache changed out of shape quite obviously.
Saturday we went about our planned activities, which included clothes shopping for me. When returning we thought for sure she would have had her kid by then, but she hadn't. She had even stopped all signs of labor, although her hind end had changed to show signs of delivery approaching. So we watched her into the wee hours of the night, still no kid or active labor. Just an occasional contraction. So off to get some sleep we did.
Then early Sunday morning she began some heavy laboring including pushing. We thought "a-ha" its coming! But since she has taken so long we were concerned there was complications. By 11am we called a vet, since she had done heavy pushing with NO progess. Brian goes to the vet by 1pm, only to call me a few a littlre while after getting there to tell me he was on her way home. He said the vet thought she was pregnant, since she was showing all signs of last stage of labor, however the cervix was closed up tight, the milk had not come in, and he could not find a kid inside,so he conluded she is either in early preterm labor or has vaginitis. The latter being what he leaned toward so she was treated for such. Now if that wasnt even something to confuse the heck out of someone I dont know what was. For three days we thought she labored, yet NOTHING. Though I thought it strange to go on so long in labor and yet show no signs of trouble. What a strange situation though, but I did read that those raising goats would at least see this once...yet we get it on the first round! How funny!

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November 29, 2004

Goats Gone-By

We just sold our goats yesterday. They sold for 50.00 for the pair. Petals managed to escape our newly laid cattle fencing, so she just paid for her ticket out of here. And if she goes, he most certainly does also. It was nice having them, but we really weren't getting them for pets to start with. They were to some how pull thier weight, but instead they were working against us, so they had to go. They went to a young lady who had been keenly interested in them for some time. Hope she has fun with them! Now one day we will get a cow...but that is a long way away!

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January 22, 2006

Stand in Farmers

If our house projects slow up a little, this is why...A friend of ours, the one we got our goats from previously, has a farm with herds of sheep and goats. They live a few hours south of thier farm and would come up each weekend to take care of it. The hurricane knocked down most of thier trees, leaving the grazing land riddled with branches and trees. And now a close family member of hers took ill and is needing all her support. Yet we just discovered she was still coming up here to tend to her flocks. So we called and asked if we could feed the animals and tend to them for her so she could do what she really needed to do. We dont live far from her farm and we LOVE farm life anyway. She did have cows but because of her turn of events she had to give them up. Its ashame we didnt know about her situation earlier! She has fences that need to be mended because trees are on them, and a barn that took a direct hit from a tree. Plus she has to plant grass in March so her animals can graze, and currently you cant even see the ground due to the mass amount of tree loss. So a LOT of cleanup & mending work is going to be needed. We plan on doing as much as we possibly can! I'm just grateful she accepted so she can give her all to her family member and she has one less burdon to worry about! Here are some photos of the farm we will be helping to get back into shape

The above is what a large part of the property looks like. You cant even see the ground and yet it that is the grazing land. Its such a mess! I can get a better photo when its not soo gloomy out. It was sundown on a gloomy day so my photos didnt come out that great.

I soooo fell in love with the little chocolate colored lamb! He/she is too cute!!!!

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