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August 14, 2005

Unwanted Farm Members

We just took a crash coarse in identifying a baby snake we found, or should I say our cat found in the grass near our chicken coop.
At first we were lead to believe the snake we just killed was a baby copperhead. Which was somewhat relieving since it is not AS deadly as some of the other snakes. Well here is a photo of a baby copperhead that at first glance looked identical to the snake we just killed:

Photo taken from copperheadjunkie

Well then I ran across this site Florida Museum of Natural History?s Guide to Florida?s Venomous Snakes which lead me to a discussion on the Southern Copperhead and to my dismay it said this,
"This beautiful snake is often confused with juvenile cottonmouths. If you found one in Florida outside the Apalachicola River valley or the extreme western end of the panhandle, chances are you have a young Cottonmouth and not a Copperhead. ?Copperheads? are often reported from south Florida, and the people who found them become quite belligerent when their mistake is pointed out. The two species are easy to distinguish because the dark bars on juvenile Cottonmouths have numerous dark spots and speckles in them, while the dark bars on the Copperhead have no dark spots or at most only one. Also the eye of the Copperhead is not obscured by the dark facial band typical of the Cottonmouth."
Well after using thier comparitive chart here, we indeed have a young cottonmouth, since the snake we killed had a dark band into its eye, and its had dark spots in the bands, which both are missing in baby copperheads. And after seeing a photo of an adult cottonmouth, I remember when we first moved into this house about 3 years ago Dainen almost stepped on this almost all grey snake that had a flat head. Indeed it was a cottonmouth! Lovely to know.

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