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May 9, 2005

Five Kittens

Oh well onto other news, our only female cat among 6 males just had her kittens April 30, the day we came home from the zoo. Their eyes have already begun to open. The assortment proved no different than what we already have around. We have 1 orange tabby, Monoco - our eldest. Then thier is a black cat named Charcoals, then Aquicheta a regular tabby, two twin boy kittys both tabby's, Russia who is a white and tabby patched fluffy male, and then Natalya who is a tabby with a small amount of patchy orange ect. Well Natalya's kittens proved to be 1 black female kitten born first. Then an orange tabby, then another rather large and difficult to birth black male kitty, then a lighter tabby much like Natalya (and quite the spitfire) and lastly a regular tabby. It is really funny because her two tabby's fight only with each other and like mad they do! No wonder she had SO much activity going on in her belly as it moved like the waves of the ocean. With her spitfire of a kitten who fights with her brother!

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July 3, 2005

Farm Kittens

Three of the five new kittens enjoying a snooze on a warm afternoon. Milo being the orange kitten, and the black kitten is either the boy kitten or his sister Nataka, which is native Indian for "bear growling as people pass by". We choose that name since she was the first to growl when she was eating. One time Kaian had left a block of cheese on the floor and Nataka found it and was growling away. We were trying to figure out why we were hearing her growl and when we saw we had a nice laugh. There were no other cats in sight, she was just letting it be heard that was her block of cheese. It was too cute.

Then the other little girl, which Dainen decided to name Whiskers, loves to chase her shadow. Her in action:

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January 22, 2006

Stand in Farmers

If our house projects slow up a little, this is why...A friend of ours, the one we got our goats from previously, has a farm with herds of sheep and goats. They live a few hours south of thier farm and would come up each weekend to take care of it. The hurricane knocked down most of thier trees, leaving the grazing land riddled with branches and trees. And now a close family member of hers took ill and is needing all her support. Yet we just discovered she was still coming up here to tend to her flocks. So we called and asked if we could feed the animals and tend to them for her so she could do what she really needed to do. We dont live far from her farm and we LOVE farm life anyway. She did have cows but because of her turn of events she had to give them up. Its ashame we didnt know about her situation earlier! She has fences that need to be mended because trees are on them, and a barn that took a direct hit from a tree. Plus she has to plant grass in March so her animals can graze, and currently you cant even see the ground due to the mass amount of tree loss. So a LOT of cleanup & mending work is going to be needed. We plan on doing as much as we possibly can! I'm just grateful she accepted so she can give her all to her family member and she has one less burdon to worry about! Here are some photos of the farm we will be helping to get back into shape

The above is what a large part of the property looks like. You cant even see the ground and yet it that is the grazing land. Its such a mess! I can get a better photo when its not soo gloomy out. It was sundown on a gloomy day so my photos didnt come out that great.

I soooo fell in love with the little chocolate colored lamb! He/she is too cute!!!!

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