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May 24, 2004

Started Building

We have started building the guest house. We are working on putting the concrete pads into the ground right now. This weekend we should be actually doing the building of the frame. Brian's dad is coming down to help out. I'll be busy in the kitchen stirring up something for feeding the hungry men. Anyway thats what we have been busy with, not to mention several trips to home depot for supplies. We have to lay 22 down before Saturday. It took us all weekend just to lay 8, now we are really going to have to do some booking to get it done.

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June 1, 2004

And the Walls are Up!

Its been a very busy weekend. We have been working on the guest house. My father in law & brother in law were down helping us out. These are the pictures of the progress.

(1) Saturday May 29 - This is the main frame & floor joists of the house.
(2) Saturday May 29 - Brian and his Dad discussing the measurements.
(3) Sunday May 30 - The subfloor laid down.
(4) Sunday May 30 - Brian at work with the skillsaw
(5) Monay May 31 - We were excited to see the first wall go up! This is the back left part of the wall.

(6) Monay May 31 - Here is the back right of the wall.
(7) Monay May 31 - Then my brother, Brian & his Dad a work getting front wall up. The middle is where the front door to the house will be.

(8) Monay May 31 - A storm is brewing.
(9) Monay May 31 - In between the rain storms, another wall goes up.
(10) Monay May 31 - And as you can see this is the the extent of the work we got done on the house in 3 days. A little of the side wall needs building & next weekend we work on the roof if I am not mistaken.

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September 6, 2004

Crazy Weekend w/ Car Problems

This has been both a busy and exhausting weekend. First on Friday the car gave us trouble so we had to change the fuel filter. Brian had to stop and get groceries, instead of coming to pick me and the kids up to go with him since the car was barely able to make it home. It rained all day Friday and that made me ache SO bad.
My legs felt like I couldn?t walk on them they hurt so badly. Brian's dad was expected in that evening since he was coming down to help Brian with the guest house.
As I was putting away groceries I get a call from a friend of ours saying they were on their way to New Orleans and wanted to stop in and see us Saturday.
So Saturday Brian gets the filter replaced and they start working on the guest house and then our friends arrive. I?m glad they found the place. Good thing the road sign for the street is back up again. They just replaced it recently since for some reason our rd sign disappears often. We had a nice visit and enjoyed seeing them again. As far as the guest house goes they had half the rafters on. Not bad for half a days work. Also Sat a client who was supposed to come on Friday and drop her PC off didn?t come, but called Sat to drop it off. So at one point we had Brian's dad, my brother, and the client who had just pulled in as our friends were departing.
Today Brian and his dad got up bright and early and worked on the guest house. Then after I got up I made breakfast, though I was feeling pretty awful. After awhile my brother came by much later than he was going to, he had accidentally way over slept, he didn?t get up till 1pm hehe. Anyways after awhile I called my mom to see how they faired thru the hurricane. They are currently out of power but my grandmother who lives not to far from them has power so they aren?t sure how long they will be w/o it. Other than that they faired well. OH and something exciting happened while I was talking with my mother on the phone! It was about 6 ish, I was inside looking out the kitchen window when all of a sudden I saw something brown and skinny running into our front yard. At first I thought it was a dog but as it gets closer I realize its a deer and a baby deer at that since it had its spots still! It ran all the way up to our porch area and right under my kitchen window, frantically and then finally found its way into the land across the street. Its HIGHLY bizarre to see a deer running around in the middle of the day, in our front yard! It surely was kewl to see though, I finally saw a fawn and quite clearly too! In the afternoon today Brian had to run out to get some nails for nailing the decking to the roof. He didn?t get very far before the car gave out again. So he turned around and came home. The car would rev up and then down w/o you doing anything. Most of the time it would either sputter along about 10 miles an hr, or just plain die out. Now mind you we THOUGHT we had this problem fixed, since the fuel filter was very clogged & the car ran fine Sat and Sun w/o probs, but its not the problem. So now he has to look into the fuel pump and maybe a sensor. The car wont even make it to town to get parts so he had to call into work and let them know he wont be there and now we have to try and get this fixed ASAP.
While he was working on the car his dad was still working on the guest house and now all the decking is on and even some of the roofing paper is on. Its so cool to see a ROOF on it. It no longer looks like the Grecian ruins with just "pillars" aiming at the sky, but a real pitched roof on there saying "I?m finally shaping up into a house!" hehe. We ate a late dinner and then his dad headed home.
Tomorrow is going to be *fun*.

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November 29, 2004

Always Busy I believe

Brian is getting the [what was going to be the guest house] office finished up pretty nicely. He has most of the walls blocked in, though he has some work left on it to get the shell finished. Then he plans on moving some stuff from our back room into there, which will free up space in that back room so I can give it a good scouring. I cant wait till he can get some of my testing machines in the office and set up, that will make my work 10 times easier.

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February 28, 2006

Roof Away

For the once-was Guesthouse we began putting shingles on the roof Friday August 26, 2005. That night when we went to work at the newspaper printery we found out hurricane Katrina was heading dead on. So Saturday instead of finishing up putting shingles on the roof of the guesthouse, we focused our attention toward boarding up and packing to leave town. When we got back from that stressful Monday, we found a lot of the shingles, newly placed, had blown off. So we finally, 7 months later, find ourselves able to start back up on the roof. And that is what we were doing today. Because we lost some shingles we are going to have to buy a few more bundles. We are going to have to hunt some down, shingles are going pretty high these days around here. But at least we are seeing progress!
Sunday Brian finished planing the wood for the floors for the guesthouse. We got the router bits in today that is for putting a tongue and groove in. So you know Brian is itching to start on that lol! He got them from which had them listed on ebay. They were a lot cheaper than another place he found router bits, so he was quite happy with his find! I can't wait to get the flooring all finished so we can start laying it! That's why we are getting the roof finished and the siding on. Lots to do, but so little time to do it!

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March 4, 2006

The Roof is Complete

You know something we learned? Roofs are conducive to keeping rain from coming into a building! Hehe. And we are now the proud, and tired owners of a completed roof on the guest house. That was a major project we HAD to finish in order to keep the flooring dry so we can lay the flooring.
We also put siding on another side of the guest house, leaving only the front to be done. I've been helping Brian nail up the siding so I am so tired I feel I am going to pass out on my keyboard from exhaustion. We should be finishing the siding tomorrow. We hope anyway!
We are just so happy to make this milestone, for us this is the first MAJOR project that actually got finished. Something we have never really been good at. We start tons of projects, but have a difficult time finishing them it seems. But this time we did it! And boy how tired we are! =0

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March 5, 2006

Color Scheme

Since we will be having the siding up soon, I just wanted to post the basic color scheme we have in mind for the little house. I havent found the exact colors I will be going with yet, but the above photo gives an idea of what I am looking for. Our siding is T-111, not shiplap siding like our current house, but in our plans we hope to eventually have a 2nd story put on the little house, and perhaps upgrade the siding to shiplap at that point.

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