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February 17, 2006

Kitchen Ideas

Since I am putting together ideas and things for the new "half-built house", I'll post them here until I can get its own spot made.
When we moved into this house it had a large cast iron porcelain kitchen sink that seemed awful at the time. If you had seen the state of the kitchen you would not have wanted to salvage anything from it. So outside it went to make room for the new and pretty Kohler white porcelain kitchen sink. We meant to throw it away, but somehow that never happened. And oddly enough I am really glad of that. It just occurred to me the other night that we have that sink sitting in our backyard (and has been for 3 years!). Well I pulled it out and cleaned it up to see what shape it was in. Surprisingly it was in awesome shape, minus one large chip on the corner which we have a way to repair. So instead of buying a new sink, we are going to take that one. It has a really deep left side and a shallow right side, which I think is a unique feature. And it?s a huge 42 inches across!

So far for the new kitchen, the things we need to buy/build are:
cabinets - unfinished red oak/oak from Lowes
walls - sheetrock
ceiling - sheetrock
stain for floor
paint/stain for cabinets
cabinet hardware - oil rubbed bronze finish
dining table set
kitchen faucet - style is Danze's Opulence model (oil rubbed bronze finish), but want to find a much cheaper version
router bit for tongue and groove - just bought last night on ebay
router but for windows - just bought from ebay last night
glass for windows - we have tinted, but that just wouldn?t look right
window frames - have to build
dining set - probably will pick up second hand - hope to find something close to the style of chair in the scrapbook page. Our chairs are falling apart, so the chairs are definitely a needed item. I am hoping for a finish similar to that in the scrapbook page, but if not I am sure I could come up with a way to refinish it.

I already have:
paint - Ralph Lauren Goldfinch (1 gallon left over from this kitchen - 1 gallon was plenty since it was really thick paint, and that was for 2 coats!)
Stove - taking ours and replacing with a used one for about $100.00
Fridge - taking ours, and leaving the one that came with the house
Dishwasher - taking our and replacing with a used one for about $100.00
Sink - came with the house when we bought it
Pine Floors - free lumber we picked up
trim & baseboards - have to make from free lumber we picked up (style is plain boards)
window frames - have wood to build frames from free lumber we picked up
kitchen light - taking our existing chandelier and replacing it
kitchen fabric - already ordered previously for current kitchen

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