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March 1, 2004

Wood Shed

Well Saturday I helped Brian finish building the woodshed that will house the free lumber he has been collecting in order to build the guest house. Tarps simply do not cut it when it comes to quantity & then throw in the storms we have been having and all the wood sitting out has been drenched. So Saturday we finished that up with some help from my brother. So anyway we worked late into the eve getting that finished.

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March 7, 2006

The Great Cockatiel Chase or Not your Average Wild Bird

Sunday, while Brian and I were adding siding to the little house, I heard a strange sound coming toward us. It was unlike any of the normal wild birds that we have in abundance around here, special thanks to our neighbor who leaves birdseed for all the winged species. I look up toward the different cry, and see an unusually shaped white bird flying overhead. I quickly realize as it perches on a tree in our yard this is no ordinary wild bird. It is indeed a Cockatiel! What a strange site to see perched in a tree and not in a cage, as oddly as that sounds!

So we venture away from our work, not minding too badly since a break was welcome. Brian then called to it by whistling and he was able to coach it toward him. It seemed very familiar with the human voice, and quite accustomed to coming near its presence, for it came within a hands grasp of Brian. However, Samuel, one of our cats, had dinner plans for this bird. One leap and the bird went soaring to the roof of our utility room. Samuel knew it was had, and so he leaped onto the roof. Ah, but this Cockatiel must have had experience with the predictable cat species and off he flew, chattering bitterly at his disturbances. He must have watched many an episode of Tweety Bird while in his caged prison.
The cockatiel then landed in a tree, much farther down on our property, and our bird loving neighbors got out their cage, and their own cockatiel, to help lure the freed bird back into captivity. After our neighbor caught the bird, and what a fuss he made, the bird that is, they noticed it had a band around its foot. Not that it was giving of any vital information so as to return the bird, so we don?t know the origin of the bird or its owner.
But it?s certainly not one of those things that happen everyday and it did bring a little humor that day, which we all can use these around here.

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