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July 14, 2004

Harvest Time

Yesterday I put up one quart of peaches for peach preserves. It turned out good, and this time it came out firm. I used one quart of peaches, which were over ripe, and already peeled. I peel them more easily by tossing them into boiling water for about 2 minutes, then I scoop them out into a bowl and douse with cold water.
Then I boiled them with 1/4 cup water & 3 cups sugar. I used a spaghetti
jar, I forget which brand, but they are Atlas Mason Canning Jars which can be re-used for canning. With the color in which the preserves turned out one would think I had put up spaghetti sauce! Anyway later that evening I went and picked the rest of the peaches since I dont want them to be over ripe so I can slice them for putting up to freeze. If they are slice worthy I will be able to put them in cobbler & peaches, if not then more jam.
Today I picked a lot of the peaches of the back yard peach trees. The others came from the front yard peach tree. This fall we are going to have to drastically trim up the trees, since they are a bit on the wild side. We need to get rid of the bugs that have been slowly taking over the peach trees. This year there was sticky stuff all over the peaches that come from the back yard trees. I forget what causes that. The front yard tree had a lot of worms in them, but I noticed if you catch them before they turn ripe a lot of them were worm-less.
So anyhow we have a lot of work to do in getting the trees in tip top shape. Will have to do research.

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February 25, 2005

Spring is Coming

Our peach tree is blossoming. So spring is pretty much here. We most likely will still have some cold snaps. The blossoms have come early this year. The bees will be coming back out soon! We didnt even get a chance to prune our peach tree like we had planned. I hope we dont have an infestation of the peach bug, I forget what it is called.

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