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August 13, 2004

A Note About Persimmons

Well since I took an excursion outdoors to get my mind off the bad weather heading for Florida, and since the weather was so begging me to go outside, I took a little walk to my crabapples to see if they had ripened, they hadn't though they are turning a greenish yellow color. I causually took a gander to see if I could find the wild persimmons we had found last year and imagine my surprise when I did! I can now identify the tree by its leaves, since they look simliar to our hickory leaves. The leaves are smaller than hickory leaves, but they have simliar browish spots on them, and look slightly crinkled around the edges. Most of the fruit is still green but a few that get more sunlight are turning a pinkish red color. The picture to the right is of the the wild persimmons that are beginning to ripen. Then I went and looked at our ripening japanese persimmons which are much larger than thier wild counterparts. They should turn a dark orange color when they ripen if I am not mistaken. The image at the left is of the ripening japanese persimmons.

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October 29, 2004

Persimmon Harvest

I just picked, with Dainen's help, the persimmons off our japanese persimmon trees. They are small so thier fruit is relativly small, but when compared with the wild louisiana persimmons we picked back on September 18 they are much larger. Here is a picture of the japanese persimmons, small tho they are for thier type:

And the Wild Louisiana Persimmons in a bowl which is smaller than the above basket:

I can't wait till our trees get bigger. We also need to plant another apple tree so our "self-producing" apple tree will actually produce fruit, granny smith's to be exact.

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