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March 13, 2002

Kitchen Before Pictures

We bought the house in March of 2002. Here is an original picture from before we lived even closed on the house:

This is the way the room spans...
This is the front of the kitchen with the two windows, which face west:

This is the side of the house with one window. We are going to place our sink under the window, unlike where it is now. Also these are the original cabinets:

This door leads to the wash room that has the side door in it. Orginally this was the back door here that lead perhaps onto a porch, but they have since added on the exsiting wash room. The exterior wood still is there in the wash room.

So thats what the kitchen looked like before we even touched it.


A Little Progress

We have gotten all the sheetrock off the walls. Tore out the door & window frames, put up insulation in half the 'one window' wall. Covered that insulation with sheetrock. The reason we have only done the lower half of the wall is $$. We want to get the cabinets built & installed & that used up all our $$. So friday when we get paid we will buy the remaining sheetrock & insultaion to finish the room. The top cabinets will come at a later date due to finaces hehe.

We also hung our chandelier in the is an 8 light so it will provide good light for Brian to see better with all those late nights hehe.

Well today Brian is building the cabinets or working on building them. I will be "floating" the sheetrock later today.

It was nasty under those kitchen cabinets. The apprasial of the house said there were NO signs of rodent infestation. They must have been blind LOL. We knew it was before we bought it. There were TUNNELS in the cabients from where rats (and I do mean BIG rats) scratched & ate there way through. When we tore down the old sheetrock we found they had even ate at that blackboard stuff. AND btw the walls have no exsiting isultaion beside the black board. Back to what was under those cabinets...well there was about 3 to 4 inches of rat nests & between each stud in the wall & under all the cabinets! No wonder why the place smelled so horriable! When we got it all cleaned out & aired out it has begun to smell much better. There is a small leak where the sink plumbing is but Brian said its easy to fix...but due to it not EVER being fixed it attracted the rats to live under there in this moist enviroment so you can image how awful a smell it was. We are so glad we are taking each room & throughly cleaning it & replacing the old so that the house can last another several yrs. It was built in 1965 according to the apprasial.

Here are some pics of the progress:

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April 18, 2002

Brian Unplugged

A little joke behind it, but obviously the drill isnt plugged in. I post this so you can see the cabinets as they came together. You can see half the sheetrock is up and the walls are insulated, unlike they were before.

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May 9, 2002

Countertop Laid and Sink Installed

These picture show the 1st bottom set of cabinets have been done enough to add the formica couthertop. Here is a sample of formica that was used:

Here is the countertop with the formica and sink installed.

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July 24, 2002

1st Cabinets Done

Oh last weekend Brian built my last piece of floor cabinets. We still have to add the formica to the countertop (and of course the facings & doors are still missing - we got a lil extra money and plan on buying the wood & making the doors ourselves).

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December 20, 2002

Front of Cabinets Finally Finished

Between a death in the family and then me getting pregnant we didnt get much work done on the kitchen. But things started picking back up in Dec.
Here is the cabinet facings finally stained and finished. Hadnt installed the hardware to it yet.

And here is a closer look at the cabinets:

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December 26, 2002

Kitchen Details...

Well yesterday Brian was home from work b/c of the holiday. I felt ok so we worked on the cabinets. Got a lot accomplished. Brian build a drawer to put my silverware, & we put on 2 other doors to the cabinet. Now all we have to do to finish this section of cabinets is 4 little drawer facings & build the drawers themselevs. Add the knobs/handles & we will be finished with that section. I finally figured out my trim color for the kitchen. It will be Ralph Lauren's Goldfinch. Its a yellow color. I am going to use a lighter yellow on the walls, but the yellow I have picked out isnt going to work, a hint of green in it which i do not like. I want my yellows to be warm yellows not cool yellows. =)
Anyway by the end of the day though my throat was sore. I figured I must be coming down with Dainen's cold & sure enough this morning I wake up & its worse. So now I have a cold *blah*.
I did get my baby bedding in first thing this morning. That was nice, Im happy to get it in, just wish I had a baby room to set it up in! LOL. Although Brian is supposed to be building with in April. So far we have some family coming to help us. There is Brian's dad, brother & now my brother is trying to come so he can help. That will be really nice if they can give Brian a hand. I sure wont be able to! Ill be 8 months pregnant LOL!

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December 27, 2002

Doors & Hardware

Well I guess I should have posted a few photos of what we did yesterday, which was adding the hardware & installed the other doors:

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December 30, 2002

Well just getting over this

Well just getting over this cold all three of us came down with. We are pretty much over the icky feeling, just have a lot of congestion left. This morning I had acup of coffee (hadnt had one in AGES, been drinking hot tea instead). Dainen woke at 9:45 this morning. That was VERY late for him to sleep in & he didnt even go to bed real late. He did wake this morning saying ~ 'i don feel good' poor baby!
Sunday we felt ok enough to go to meeting. We ended up staying long afterwards & were one of the last ones to leave. Then a couple invited us to go out to eat with them so we did. We really enjoyed it minus the 3 yr old that DIDNT want to be there. It was nice though to get to know them some more. =) We would really like to get to know them. They are a really sweet couple. Well after that we went to Home Depot. We bought a knob for my drawer, some Ralph Lauren paint for our trimwork which the color is Goldfinch. Here is a picture of it:

We also bought some wood scroll pieces for the window. Its going to look so neat! Cant wait to get it finished. =)
Well thats about all for now. Oh Brian is off work tomorrow & wednesday. YEAH!!

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January 2, 2003

Ok to catch up. Tuesday

Ok to catch up. Tuesday Brian was off of work. He was a bit cranky though, probably because he wasnt feeling his best. Didnt do a whole lot except Brian glued our decorations to the window trim & I painted the window trim which is over the sink. We used a pure white semi-gloss for the trim in the kitchen. The yellow I got for the kitchen seems to be to much for Brian to handle so I am going to have to get a lighter color to paint the walls. Tuesday we went to home depot & picked some things for the kitchen. We also were able to bring home a sample board of some flooring we are looking at. We decided to go with wood floors in the kitchen, both tile & wood have its pros & cons, but I think we will stick with what we originally planned & go hardwood. Its a real wood flooring product that all you do is hammer together & the hammering action activates the glue ~ talk about cuts some work out! They are really nice looking. We looked at the laminate wood floors & they just DO NOT compare to the real thing for us. Here is a pic of what we want to go with.

The we got dressed & headed to meeting but I got sick so Brian turned around & dropped me back off at the house & they went on to meeting. Brian was still crankly when he got home, not a fun evening. But Wednesday he was in a much better mood! I was very happy about that! An odd event happened yesterday. Brian was outside trying to get his truck to start so he could back it up to the house & use it to get on a roof that had to be repaired. It wasnt starting but as we were outside a pot bellied pig just strolled up our driveway! I told Brian, 'You know you live in the country WHEN a pig comes into your driveway!' Well we contained it so that we could find its owner. I say that causually but it was a LOT of work to contain that pig! ANyway we finally did & drove down another road off of ours to see if anyone owned it. Finally found the owners tho they werent home but thier neighbors told us it sounded like the lady's pig. So we call her & she comes & picks up the pig. Then once thats all done & said, we hadnt eaten all day, & it was past 2pm. So we made an omelet, bacon & biscuits. Brian made the omelet & it was delish! Then Brian got on the roof & repaired it & I had finished painting the window trim, which turned out really nice! We went shopping that evening & when at the checkout Brian forgot to look under Dainen's blanket to see if any groceries slipped under it, something I check for every time but I was hunting down chili powder at the last second, and so anyway we get our groc & go to the car & as Brian is putting the bags in the trunk he discovers a lone hot dog package. So we look at the receipt to see if it had just fallen out of the bag but nope, so Brian takes it back into the store to pay for them. He walks up to her & tells her what happened & she is like 'well if the buzzers didnt go off then you paid for them', but Brian was like, 'no i dont think so since we couldnt find it on the receipt' so she checked & sure enough it was not on there. She did thank Brian for being honest. =)
Well this morning I woke up with a nightmare & rolled over to see what time it was & it said 5:59. Yet Brian was snoozing away LOL! I said Brian its 6:00, and he woke up & said 'OH I must have fallen back alseep', he was supposed to be up at 5:30 hehe. So I guess its a good thing I woke up! Brian must have been getting used to sleeping in LOL!

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January 3, 2003

Trimming Up the Window

We bought some do-dads from home depot & glued them onto the window. Then we used a semi gloss paint in ultra white ~ we were very pleased with the result. A closer shot of the wooden scroll pieces:

The overall look, this is my favorite window in the house too:

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April 20, 2004

Sometimes its the little things

Sometimes its the little things in life which can brighten your day. Like winning an auction for an old kitchen sifter. hehe. Im trying to build a collection of kicthen antiques, so to start my collection I just bought for 4.00 (what a deal when I have seen worse condition going for 20.00 & up) this antique flour sifter:

It has no holes, tears or rust in the wire. Its a bit dirty judging from the picture but I plan on giving it some TLC.
By the way I am feeling a bit better, still have something hanging on me but at least the achy part went away. Now I just have a really stuffy nose, tiredness, ect. My ears keep popping too.

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April 27, 2004

Got My Sifter In

I got my sifter in yesterday. Well its not exactly a flour sifter b/c the mesh is much to large plus its huge itself! I cleaned it up & hung it on the wall in the kitchen. Most likely its a grain or ash sifter which being near the wood stove helps it fit in, in that corner.
Yesterday I won an auction for a brass (used to be silver plated) bread tray from the 1840s-1860 era. I guess I just couldnt pass it up with it being $4.00 & only 7 hrs left, and no bids. Well turns out someone started bidding on it after me so it got up to 10.50. Still that is a great price for an antique of that kind of age. I really didnt think I would win it b/c of the other person trying to outbid me. I love my growing collection! I guess its not stamps, or dolls or even books that I collect now, its just antiques. Well here's a picture of it :

Well Im still very congested with this cold. I wish it would just go away. Im sick of being sick!
I mopped the kitchen & living room yesterday. Boy did they need it! My floors are the last to get shameful!
Oh ya know sometimes it pays to do a survey. Brian did one the other day & they said they would send him a check for a $100.00. Of course Brian went ahead & did the survey not expecting any check at all, but guess what they did! He was very shocked when he got it in the mail. Where are those survey people when you really need a hundred bucks?? =|
We have a lot of quarters, nickels, dimes & pennies adding up fast over here & I decided what I am going to do with it. That's going to get us all dinner after the CA! =)
Oh well better scramble.

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May 4, 2004

Kitchen Painted

Saturday & Sunday were painting days. Finally my kitchen now proudly displays its golden hue. Its called Goldfinch from Ralph Lauren. Ill get some pictures soon. Im so happy to have PAINT on my walls now that its about 2 years in the making!
I got my pictures back froom appleprints. They had extremely fast service. My order was processed, printed & shipped the same day. Then with regular mail got here in 3 days. I was highly satisfied with the quality. So I would recommend since I was so pleased with them.
Oh well nothing much other than that really. Our CA is coming up on the 15th & 16th of this month. I cant believe we are already in May! Yikes, that means Kaian will be 1 year this month ~ oh where has the time gone????

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May 7, 2004

Promised Photo

Well here is a photo to give you an idea of the wall color. Thats the old sifter on the left & the door frame on the right.

Anyway took the kids outside already. They had a fun time, Kaian even got into the mud puddle ~ had to hose him down. I cut some roses & some blossoms from our shrub & made a bouquet out of them for my kitchen. I also took some photos of Kaian. I should get a couple up on his journal soon. I would have taken some of Dainen but he explicitly told me not to take any photos of him ~ sheesh, am I that bad?

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October 18, 2004

Floor Repair & Plans

Well Saturday Brian had to jack up the house to fix a spot where the previous owner had let a beam rot away because of a leak, and when they fixed it they didn?t properly. So the floor sloped down at that point and was very unstable area. Brian added a beam to the area and gave it a proper fix and now my floor is more even there. Now we can finish painting the kitchen and get a floor laid down. The flooring we will be using is 1 inch planks. I really am looking forward to getting them down. We will have to pry up the 60's tiles along with the layers of paneling and wood they have used over the years, in order to get to the original sub-floor. The flooring that we will be putting down could be used as a sub-floor so our floor will be very sturdy after this. The wood is hardwood planks that Brian has gotten for free from his company. I think it will give the rooms a kind of colonial feel.

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October 29, 2004

Early 19th Century Botanical Prints

I just bought some original botanical prints, 1806 & 1807. They were plates out of a large botanical book published in 1806 and another one in 1807. They are hand colored of course since they didnt have color printing back them, or I should say it was a rarity at that time to have truly colored printing. I figured they would fit nicely in my kitchen. We will make some simple frames for them. Can't wait to get them in. They were cheap too, only 8.00 each, and these are not reproductions.

I decided to broaden my collecting range based on the idea from an article in the old house interiors magazine. Its true how even today we dont have everything from one time period. Often times we have hand me downs right along side the modern things we buy, so I am applying that idea with my kitchen theme, which is 1840's/1850's. I will collect from late 1700's to 1850's. Thats my targeted range anyway.

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November 3, 2004

Stickler For Sifters

I found the perfect addition for my kitchen. I just bought a sieve/sifter, only this time it IS a flour sifter. It is one dating back to about 1818. I love it and cant wait to find a spot to display it. It has a woven horse hair mesh.

I recieved my prints today, they are really beautiful, those pics I posted earlier dont really do them justice. Now we just have to make some frames for them.

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April 12, 2005

The Floors

We still have a little bit of work left to finish off our floors. First we were short three feet to complete the room. Also I plan on giving it another coat of varnish and maybe some more stain to darken it up a tad bit more. Here are the pictures of before we started on the floor and afterwards. I also included our curtains since I had been waiting to find the perfect curtains..hehe

This is the floors after we laid tar paper and had the unplaned wood stacked in piles representing thier widths.

Here are the floors after we had laid and sanded them and I had began staining them, which was minwax's Red Mahogany.

This is to show how all the seams come together. They have the old colonial peg look. We sunk the screws and the tapped plugs in them.

Here are the floors as we have them right now. They need more varnish as I have mentioned. They are not all flush and we like it like that because it adds to the very old feeling.

Here are the curtains we found at walmart. I love them and they fit my kitchen style perfectly!

So there you have it. Sorry it took me so long to get the pictures up!
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January 29, 2006


I've been doing a lot of research on early decorating and found floorcloths as an authentic and interesting piece of decor. They were also called crumb cloths because they were often used in areas where people would dine. They were highly popular until the modern linoleum was introduced in the 1920's. Here are some links of interest concerning floorcloths

How to make one from DYI
Early American Floorcloth Collection

Here is a good stencil site I found so far, even has a floorcloth stencil...

Primitive Designs Stencil Company

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February 21, 2006

The First Door is Hung

To bring some harmony to the hodge podge of doors, and Lowe's happened to have $10 interior doors, 30" and 32", we bought some. Then this weekend we hung the first of the doors. What a task!! When the door fits well into the already existing frame, you think all is good. Then you measure the doorway and it says 32" and your door measures 32" - all seems great. That is until you put the hinges on! After many tries of getting the hinged areas routed deeper and deeper to get the door to fit without having to cut last we had no choice and she had to be trimmed ~ an 1/8 of an inch! But to be on the safe side Brian took a wee more than that. It took half the day, but some valuable lessons were learned like check the size of the existing door, if it measures 31 7/8" the new door will most likely need to also! The door is still in its primed state, I'm currently looking for a color to go well with the kitchen and the living room colors, since they are an open floor plan, all colors need to be harmonious. The previous door will become the back door so that we won't have to buy a new one.

Old Door

New Door

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October 2, 2006

Finally Some Kitchen Progress

Now things are starting to move! We are at 65% completed with our kitchen. We decided to lay a tile countertop which we found to be easier than expected. We found the tile at Lowes, a BR Mocha (I can?t remember what BR stood for). Anyway I almost messed up because I first decided on Sand colored grout. Well after laying the tile and seeing the dark shadows in the spaces, I decided it would probably look nicer with a darker colored grout. So we exchanged the grout for one called ?Mocha?. Which I have to say did exceedingly well. So the countertops are all laid with some small exceptions, like around the back of the sink. Also today Brian built the stove thingy which is the support for the stove vent. He built the frame, put up the plywood, the sheetrock and placed the hood all in one day! I was pretty proud of the pace he followed today. Tomorrow he will grout and lay the tile for the backsplash areas, including behind the stove. Also he is supposed to putty up the new wall and also putty up our molding in the living room so we can refresh the paint on it. Well that pretty much brings it up to speed for the kitchen. I'll post pictures below, and a new post will be for the work I got done on the utility room.

Here is our kitchen in its beginning of the remodel stage:

Here it is now, of course my walls aren?t that dark, just the way the photo came out. Oh and the sink is lifted up in this photo. We since laid it back down and its waiting for some caulking to go around it:

Here is the tile right after we laid and spaced it:

Here is the beginning of the new little wall:

And here it is with sheetrock and plywood. I even laid out a few tiles to see what it will look like:

Now I know we should build a little thing to go over the hood, just not sure if we will have the time. We have SO much to accomplish! But I am hoping we can.
That's all for now!

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October 6, 2006

The Last of the Grouting

We now have all the tile work laid and grouted. The only thing left to do for the countertops is to let it dry, paint the wood piece that sets it front of the tile, and attach the wood piece on the side.
Some photos of the finished tile work, although the grout is a bit dark above the stove & by the wood front pieces since its still wet...

To finish the kitchen out here is the list:

1.Gut Room
2.Add Insulation
3.Replace Sheetrock
4.Build Cabinets
5.Float Sheetrock
6.Paint walls
7.Install window molding
8.Add window doo-dads
9.Install new chandelier
10.Install new kohler sink
11.Install new faucet
12.Lay formica countertop
13.Buy cabinet hardware
14.Install cabinet hardware
15.Buy new doorknob
16.Install new doorknob
17.Fix sloping floor
18.Take up old floor
19.Lay down new wood floor
20.Stain new wood floor
21.Buy new door
22.Install new door
23.Re-lay a tile countertop
24.Buy Stove Vent
25.Build Stove Vent area
26.Take down chandelier
27.Install new kitchen light
28.Install switch/outlet covers
29.Refresh paint on trim
30.Replace new door (thank you children!)
31.Buy paint for door
32.Paint new door
33.Buy Ceiling molding
34.Paint Ceiling molding
35.Install ceiling molding
36.Buy baseboards
37.Paint baseboards
38.Install baseboards
39.Fix bottom cabinets
40.Paint/stain cabinets
41.Prepare boards for new wood floor.
42.Lay wood flooring
43.[If no upper cabinets] Touch up ceiling

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November 22, 2006

Cleaned and Packed and Cleaned and Packed

In light of the house being placed up for sale, we went through and did a through scrubbing and packing up all the extra clutter. There is more to be done, but we have the majority finished.
I took a photo of the kitchen today, pretty much clutter free and clean as a whistle. The photo shows pretty much the ending result of a 4 year project which began like this:

Before Remodel
This was taken while the previous tenants still occupied the place.

After Remodel
And now……

It’s nice to be putting the finishing touches instead of the beginning ones!

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